Leading Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

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Are You Looking For Leading BOILER And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

If you are a ship-owner or fleet manager, it is only natural for you to want the best company to attend to your ship. The vessel is a massive investment, but the risk associated with erroneous repairs is also very high.

Leading Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

Below We Had Mentioned Leading Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

In Singapore, GIANTECH limited is the only company you can trust for boilers, gases, and complicated Kangrim brand inert gas generator repairs. It has earned the trust of many ship owners because the team takes pride in its work and does a thorough job.

Brief Background of Giantech Limited

Once known as GIA, GIANTECH was founded by Mr. Goh Soo Heong Ian, an inert gas specialist who has been in the field for over 35 years. Over time it has grown to be Singapore’s leading boiler and inert gas repairs company. The firm provides quality and reliable repair services to the thousands of ships that dock on the Port of Singapore annually. GIANTECH specializes in inert gas generators, boilers, and more. GIANTECH also provides spares made by well-known makers such as Kangrim and Kyma.

Why is Giantech Is the Leading Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore?

We Had Explained Below Why Giantech Limited Is Leading Boiler And IG Repairs Company in Singapore

Years of service experience

The company has been repairing ships for over 19 years. Through the years, it has refined its service delivery skills so you can trust them to do their job well.

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Spare Parts

GIANTECH is a leading supplier of genuine, high-quality Kangrim spare parts for boilers and inert gas systems. It was appointed as Kangrim’s official service center for Singapore in 2011, and they have enjoyed a close association ever since. Because of their long relationship with Kangrim, GIANTECH employees have a vast knowledge of Kangrim brand inert gas generators and boilers. Thus, you not only buy from them but also help you repair and maintain the parts. The parts are also sold at excellent and affordable prices.

Well trained staff

With well-trained, careful, efficient, and experienced engineers, GIANTECH is likely to meet and exceed your expectations. The international service team leader has many years of technical experience, thus ensuring that you will get reliable, cost-effective proposals to fix any boiler or inert gas issues you may have.

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Health-check attendance service

This service provided by GIANTECH will help you save money and improve the efficiency of your ship. This service is designed to prevent unforeseen failure of ship equipment. GIANTECH staff is also always available to assist with any issues you may have off-shore.

It offers Training to your ship’s crew.

The company offers to pass on some of their expert capabilities and knowledge on Kangrim systems to your crew. This will enable them to maintain the equipment and solve level-one problems themselves.

GIANTECH is a one-stop-shop

Once you employ GIANTECH to repair your ship, you are unlikely to need to go anywhere else. They launched a division for all boiler repair services. This division does boiler maintenance, upgrades and also provides life extension services for boilers. The service team is equipped to repair, maintain and inspect steam boilers, Thermal oil boilers, and Exhaust gas boilers. Boiler services provided include refractory, automation, cleaning, and welding services.

Final Remarks

If ever you find yourself docked on the shores of Singapore and in urgent need of repair service, do not hesitate to contact GIANTECH. They are available on call all year round. Employ them once, and you will never consider employing anyone else! Even for Kagrim brand inert gas generator that seems to be more laborious, Giantech can help you out.