7 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Rohan Mathew

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You want to make some extra money, but you are not sure where to start. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Whether you are looking to make some extra money, or a long term passive income, there are many ways you can make money online today. The truth is that making money online is not as difficult as it seems. It does require some patience and hard work. So if you’re one among those who have patience and are willing to work hard to make money online, you’ve come to the right page.

Note: You can’t make instant money over the internet but you can build long term wealth from the internet.

Here you will learn the 7 legitimate ways to make money online. You just need a working computer or laptop with an internet connection and you are ready to make money. 

1. Start blog to make money

If you are good at content writing, blogging is the best way you can make a good amount of money. In order to set up a blog for yourself, you need a domain name and a web hosting plan. 

You can create your own blog itself or you can even pay someone to do it for you. Creating a blog nowadays is the simplest thing to do. Platform like WordPress enables anyone to create a beautiful website and blog without even writing a single line of code. Once you create a blog the next step is to integrate google ads with your website to make money.

Once you are done with the blog creation. Now, You need to write a blog on the topics or niche you are good at. 

Making money from blogs requires patience and consistent effort. But once you start getting enough traffic you would be making money for a living.

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2. Making money with affiliate marketing:

Making money with affiliate marketing has never been easy, but it’s not that difficult if you choose the right product and right audiences and work wisely. You would be surprised to hear that there are a lot affiliate marketers out there who are making a 7 figure income doing affiliate marketing for brands and products. Now you can imagine how big an opportunity it is. To start doing affiliate marketing, you need to partner with the advertisers like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and other popular affiliate programs.  You can promote affiliate products through social media, blogs, online forums and paid ads. If any sales happen though the links you are promoting, you would be earning a commission from it

3. Making money with mobile apps

Making money through mobile apps is the easiest thing to do as there are a huge number of mobile apps that pay you money to use. You just need a mobile phone with an active internet connection in order to make extra cash online. Swagbucks, Playment, InboxDollars are some of the popular apps to make money online. By using these apps, you can make money by filling surveys, promoting products online, playing games or inviting your friends to use it.

3. Become an online consultant:

Working as a consultant is now a new way to make a handsome income. A lot of people around the world have left their full time job to become a consultant for some companies and startups. There are people who make thousands of dollars per hour for consulting companies or startups. If you feel you have some skills or you are confident in any business ideas, you can also become a consultant and make money from home.

4. Make money from YouTube:

Yes, Making money is possible on YouTube. Many Youtubers are making a huge amount of money from their Youtube channel including some popular celebrities. Good thing is that you can also make money from Youtube if you have good subscribers on your Youtube channel. Or if you don’t have, you can get subscribers by posting quality videos that the audience love to watch.  There are some online Youtube courses that you can join to learn more about making money with Youtube.

5. Making money as a freelancer:

If you have any skills like graphic design, social media marketing, digital marketing, content writing, app development, logo designing or web designing you can start a career as a freelancer. There are many popular platforms for freelancers to get clients or projects. Some of them are Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, and 99designs. You just need to register on these sites and make your profile to start getting projects. The good thing is, there is no limit for making money from freelancing. Earning depends on how serious and hard working you are at freelancing.

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6. Make money with selling stock photos:

Making money by selling stock photos is now a new trend. Thousands of people are already making a huge amount of money from it.  It is obvious that you need to have good photos that people would love to buy. To have a good collection of photos, you need a good photography camera to do that. There are many online platforms where you can sell your photos. Some of the popular names are Shutterstock, iStock, 123RF and Getty Images.


These were the 7 legitimate ways to make money online. If you found it relevant, just choose the one you feel you can do it. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.