The Different Types of Private Jets Explained

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Deluxe seating areas, modern bathrooms, luxury board rooms, are what you can expect on a private jet. But, there are many different types of private jets available for you to charter or buy. It is important to know which type of private jet will suit your needs so you can travel in comfort and style. Keep reading to learn more!

Light Jets

Light jets are the smallest private planes you will find. Light jets can hold between five and eight passengers and can travel up to two hours nonstop. These jets are smaller than you might expect but are ideal for traveling short distances with small groups.

There are three main classifications within light jets. Very light jets, small light jets, and super light jets. The super-light jets can travel further and have a cabin attendant and a bathroom.

These jets can access smaller airports, like the republic airport in New York, giving businesses more flexibility.

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Midsize Cabin Jets

Midsize Jets are very popular due to their increased flight capacity. These jets can fly 5 hours nonstop, allowing for transcontinental travel. These jets also come with larger cabins that offer full standing capacity, extra luggage space, and more stylish interiors.

Midsize jets have space for two pilots, a flight attendant, a service gallery, and an on-board restroom. These jets can still use smaller airports and are more cost-effective than heavy jets. But they still generally can only accommodate between six to eight people.

Super midsize jets offer greater cabin space, greater flight capacity, and more comfort and style. These jets offer all the luxury of larger private jets on a smaller scale.

Heavy Jets

When you think of private jets you are thinking of heavy jets. First-class seats, pull out table tops, catered cabin service, entertainment facilities, luxury bathrooms, and sleeping areas.

These jets can accommodate 10 to 20 travelers, depending on the jet, in complete aviation comfort, and privacy. These jets also offer improved flying capacity.

Ultra Long-Range Heavy Jets

Ultra long-range heavy jets offer the best in private travel. These are the jets that offer enough cabin space to provide different areas for dining, work, entertainment, and relaxation.

These jets come complete with enclosed bathrooms, lie-flat beds, full-service galley, and plenty of luggage area. These jets offer the most luxurious travel experience for the most discerning travelers.

Ultra long-range jets can accommodate 14-20 people in style. These jets offer long-haul travel capabilities of between 6,000 and 6,500 miles.

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Executive Liners or Bizliners

Executive liners, or Bizliners, are the best of the best when it comes to private travel. Bizliners are commercial aircraft modified for private or business use. These jets are the most expensive on the market but offer a high level of customization.

Bespoke interiors, private ensuites, onboard cocktail lounges, board rooms, and movie theaters. These jets take elite travel to a different level. These jets have the same capabilities of commercial aircraft and can manage intercontinental travel.

Depending on how the aircraft is customized these jets will accommodate between 20 and 50 passengers in elegant comfort.

The Types of Private Jets

The wide variety of the types of private jets available to you mean there is always a private travel option that meets your needs. Your needs will determine which is right for you. But no matter which is the right private jet, flying private offers unrivaled privacy, time savings, and comfort.

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