Local SEO: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Rohan Mathew

Being a business owner of local business, you may want to know the secret to getting ranked high on Google search results. You need not go any further. The answer is right here – local SEO is what you need!

Understanding Local SEO

Safari SEO Adelaide says to put it simply local SEO or search engine optimization is basically the application of a set of various technical and marketing approaches that aim to refine the potential visibility of the business website among local searches and to increase local traffic to it.

Why Is Local SEO So Important?

The percentage of “Local intent” among searches made on Google is 46%. An enormous increase of 150% has been observed for Near Me Searches, which is far more than conventional, locally-made searches. Most of the local searches led the people to visit physical stores and do purchasing. Therefore, if you want your business to grow, local SEO is an indispensable tool for success.

For instance, if you’re a store in New York and you want more people to know about your business, taking advantage of local SEO services in New York can help your business website to appear higher on Google search results. Incorporating the most-trending and most-searched keywords to your website content will increase the chances of your website appearing in top search results, hence increasing the probability of more people visiting your website.

The Need for Local SEO

The need for SEO in 2020 is more than ever!

It has become essential for websites to be locally optimized for Search Engine Optimization in order to be visible on search engines upon local intent. However, without the complete know-how of Search Engine Optimization, one cannot optimize their website successfully. SEO is a science in itself!

Local SEO is a demanding procedure that is not just limited to keywords, paraphrasing, recreating old content and building links, but it’s more than that. It demands constant monitoring, analysis, and subsequent understanding of many factors, some of which are stated below:

  • Changes in Algorithms
  • Trends’ emergence and modification
  • Technological progress
  • Need and feedback of users
  • Analysis of Online Presence
  • Adopted SEO strategies

Amidst the tough competition, one needs to develop and adopt a strong yet different SEO strategy to dominate the field.

So, here’s our definitive guide for local Search Engine Optimization in 2020!

The 2020 Definitive Guide for Local SEO

For a better and thorough understanding, we have divided our guide for local Search Engine Optimization in 2020 into the following units:

Build Local or NAP Citations

Local Citations play a vital role in local search engine optimization. Google looks for authentication to give top ranking to any website or webpage. The NAP (Name, address, and place) citations are an essential part of an efficient SEO strategy. These citations help to establish a website’s authentication. It serves as a signal to local search engines that your business exists and all of the information given on your website is authentic.

One could opt for either structured citations or unstructured citations or both of them. Structured Citations are obtained by making your website’s location visible in the list of business directories or other sites. Whereas, unstructured citations could be obtained by mentioning of your business location overpress, social media, or blogs.

Gain Rank in Google Maps Pack

Google Maps Pack is basically a set of three highlighted results based on Google Maps. It features top-ranked businesses. The appearance of website in Google Maps Pack is important for a local business. Not only gaining rank is the requirement, but it’s equally important to track these MAP rankings.

The most important factor that helps a business gain rank among map results is Google My Business Account. It allows you to claim your business, display your business details (Product description, address, contact details, etc.), thus aiding local search engine optimization.

If your business location has prominent citations over other sites than Google ultimately suggests your business location in local searches.

Track Google Algorithms and Ranking Factors

Google search algorithms and Ranking factors get updated often. Search engine optimization makes use of different resources and monitoring tools to track such fluctuations and maintain the site’s rankings. The fluctuations and updates in ranking factors and Google search algorithms could impact your search engine optimization strategy by effecting the site’s rank, visibility, natural traffic, leads, ROIs and revenue. Using professional SEO tools can make tracking search algorithms and ranking factors updates a lot more convenient.

If you are able to track such updates, you could adjust and modify your search engine optimization strategies accordingly and in time.

Ask for Genuine Customers Reviews

Genuine and honest customers’ reviews make your business prominent in the eyes of Google. These reviews should be on your site’s Google Map listings. However, reviews on other forums like Facebook, Places, TripAdvisor, etc. are also beneficial. Reviews actually build your business credibility and provide more opportunities for business leads and conversions.

Consult Google Keyword Planner

Local SEO strategies also work on optimizing the web site’s content, Title Tags, Meta links, and Webpages’ content by paraphrasing and incorporating relevant local search terms. The Google Keyword Planner is an Ideal tool that helps to find relevant appropriate keywords or search terminologies.

Optimize Link Building

Another prime SEO strategy is to build and acquire links between websites. Backlinks serve as a signal to search engines for ranking. In this area, quality matters more than quantity. Your scheme should be based on acquiring relevant backlinks from authentic and authorized websites only. Google is able to immediately detect manipulative backlinking tactics and label the website as spam. So, one must carefully optimize the site’s link building strategy. Some effective ways to obtain backlinks include the development of local resources, working on content quality, and guest posting on websites of high authority.

Closing Word

One of the most common mistakes local business owners make today is opting for organic SEO services. Making your website visible to people who are located in locations that you don’t operate in is of no real use. What you need is a solid local SEO strategy. Local SEO is what you need to achieve the desired rankings on Google!