Your Dog Has a Little Poop Balls? You  Should be Worry About It

Rohan Mathew

Having a pet like a dog can be very entertaining for some people. This pet can be their friend, and some  of them consider the pet as a family member. People who have taken care of their pet like a dog for  years are more likely to have a special bonding with the pet. However, even if you have to take care of  your dog very carefully, there must be a moment when your dog gets sick or facing a health condition. If  you have a dog, then you should be paying attention to their poop. Yes, you read it right. Poop can be a  determiner for a dog’s health. A healthy dog will have soft, consistent, and brown poop. However, once  you find out that your dog’s poop is similar to a small ball, you should worry about it. This article will  explain what you can do to overcome this problem and how to prevent it. 

Watch Your Dog’s Poop 

It seems ridiculous if you have to pay attention to your dog’s poop every single day. However, this is one  of a way that can indicate your dog’s health. The health condition of dogs and dogs cannot always be  seen from their physical condition. Sometimes to find out some conditions such as digestion, you can  check it from the stool results. The stool is the result of the digestive process in the body. Every dog has  a different shape and smell of feces depending on the type of food consumed and the presence or 

absence of digestive system disorders. Once you find out that your dog has little poop balls, it indicates  that it may have digestion, bowel incontinence, or physical injury—no need to panic about this. Go to a  Vet and consult the condition to prevent worse indications. 

The Dog’s Poop Indicates The Dog’s Health 

Typically, dogs will poop once a day. Normal stool should be dark brown, well-shaped (not too hard or  too soft), and not too bad-smelling. A stool that is too dry indicates that the dog or dog is not drinking  enough water and fiber in its diet. Animals that have dry, hard stools will usually strain excessively with  pain. This dehydration, if left unchecked, will prevent the animal from defecating for several days and  can weaken its condition. Diarrhea can also be experienced when the animal’s stool is too soft or  watery.  

There are many reasons why dogs often have watery stools. However, this condition will heal quickly. If  your dog or dog has diarrhea for more than a day or two. Some Vets said that some of the common  causes of dog diarrhea include dietary changes, food allergies, hairballs, inflammatory bowel disease,  hyperthyroidism, intestinal worms, kidney disease, and cancer. 

Digestion Problem Prevention on Your Dog 

To avoid that digestion problem, you can starts by giving them enough drink intake. Besides, taking  them for a walk can be very important as physical activity plays a major role in a dog’s health. However,  once you find out that your dog gets a digestion problem, you don’t need to panic quickly to deal with  diarrhea in animals. When you first notice your dog or dog has diarrhea, it may be helpful to delay  feeding it for 12 hours to make sure the animal has enough water to drink. Meanwhile, you can also  increase your pet’s water intake and occasionally encourage your dog to exercise to help the feces move  through their system more easily. You can also help prevent diarrhea by avoiding dairy products such as  whole milk or yogurt because animals don’t digest them properly.  

From the explanation above, you need always to pay attention to your dog’s poop to identify your dog’s  health. Your dog should defecate once a day, normally. If your dog does not defecate two days in a row,  it means that they have digestion problems. Besides pay attention to the defecate’s schedule, you  should be aware of the poop’s condition. Normal poop should be soft, consistent, and the smell is so-so.  However, if the dog’s poop is dry, small ball-shaped, and even too watery, then your dog has a digestion  problem. You need to bring your dog to a Vet immediately to get the proper treatment. But if you do  not want this to happen, you should have a healthy dog’s lifestyle. For instance, you can bring them to  take a walk as a routine activity, give them enough water intake, and give them healthy food. You can  give them a canned pumpkin. If they do not like it, you can mix it with the regular food that the dog  usually eats. If you still need more help with this issue, click here to see the Bulldogpapa website for  further explanations.