Madrid Aims to Down Sevilla to Claim Top Spot

Rohan Mathew

Updated on: predicts a possible outcome by analysing stats from previous games in the upcoming battle between La Liga leaders Madrid and Sevilla this coming weekend.

Madrid remains tied with Barcelona for the top spot in La Liga’s table. Despite coming up with a big 3-0 clean sheet win over Getafe, the team remains deadlocked with their long-time rivals. It has been a tough season for Madrid following a strong start to the season.

They suffered a stretch of losses that allowed Barcelona and even Atletico to contend for the top spot. That has not been easy for Karim Benzema and his grit and grind squad that has been battling tough matches this season.

That El Clasico ending was very disappointing for both sides. It ended in a scoreless draw that saw neither side claiming an edge over the other to take the top spot. Benzema himself has been very focused on the team’s games since that draw.

Raphael Varane led Madrid in the team’s clear victory by draining two goals in both halves. He drew first blood by cutting through Getafe’s defence before making a kick that sent the ball to the upper left corner. He added another one in the 53rd minute to spark the team’s offence going into the second half.

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Luka Modric added a closing goal in the 96th minute. The team had eight of their ten shot attempts on target, and that shows how Madrid has been since the El Clasico nightmare draw.

Sevilla had its own problems. The team has been going through tough times as they have been clinging to their 35 points in a tie with Atletico for the third spot in the league. The team has only won twice in their last five games and has drawn their match with Athletico Bilbao.

Sevilla was on the losing ground in that game, but thanks to an honest mistake by Unai Nunez, the team was able to force a tie against Athletico, which saved their spot in the league from being reachable to Real Sociedad.

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The team had 587 passes in the game, but could not score a single goal despite having multiple chances in that game. They nearly had one when Munir El Haddadi had a nice look that could have easily given the team a win to take the third spot in La Liga.

Madrid might easily thump Sevilla if the latter continues to be inconsistent and plays poor defence. That could simply cost them a crucial game that they need to win in order to knock Atletico Madrid out of the third spot.

However, if Madrid’s offence falls short, then Sevilla might just have a chance in winning over one of La Liga’s best.