Manjusha Age – How Old Is The Popular Indian Anchor?

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Manjusha Martin Age

Manjusha  Age – How Old Is The Popular Indian Anchor? Manjusha Martin is a popular Indian television anchor known for her work in Telugu entertainment. She has gained a significant following over the years, and fans are always curious about her personal details, including her age. In this blog, we will explore Manjusha Martin’s age and how she got into the entertainment industry.

What Is Manjusha Martin’s Age?

Manjusha Martin was born on April 26, 1986. As of 2023, she is 37 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Background And Career:

Manjusha Martin was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. She completed her education in Hyderabad and later pursued a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the United States. After returning to India, she started her career as a journalist and worked for several news channels.

Manjusha Martin got her big break in the entertainment industry when she was offered a job as an anchor for Telugu film events. She quickly gained popularity for her wit, charm, and excellent communication skills. She has since anchored several high-profile events, including the IIFA Utsavam, SIIMA Awards, and Zee Cine Awards.

Notable Achievements:

Manjusha Martin has received several accolades for her work in the entertainment industry. She won the Best Anchor award at the Zee Golden Awards in 2017 and the Radio City Cine Awards in 2018. She was also nominated for the Best Anchor Female award at the Zee Cine Awards in 2019.

Future Plans:

Manjusha Martin continues to be a prominent figure in the Telugu entertainment industry. She is currently hosting several television shows and is also exploring opportunities in acting. She has expressed her desire to work in films and hopes to make her debut soon.

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How Old Is Manjusha Martin?

Interesting Facts

She is a cat lover. The 22-years-old is having 500k + Instagram followers (as of March 2022).

Who Is Anchor Manjusha?

Manjusha Rampalli is a South Indian Model, Anchor, and Film actress who is mainly working in Telugu Television and Film industry. She is Popularly known as Anchor Manjusha.

Who Is Manjusha Mohandas Husband?

She is survived by her husband Priyadarshan and a daughter.

What Is Manjusha Bra Size?

Her bra size is 34B, her waist is 30 inches, and her hip size is 36 inches. According to social media reports, her marital status is single and unmarried.

Is Anchor Manjusha Married Or Not?

Her bust size is 32B, her waist is 28 inches, and her hip size is 32 inches. Her marital status is Married. Her Husband’s name is Praja prabhakar.

Is Manjusha Martin A Lawyer?

She is a social influencer and a lawyer in her profession. She makes a little clip. Her age is only 20 years old. Manjusha has a huge following on her Instagram account.


Manjusha Martin was born on April 26, 1986, and is currently 37 years old. She got her start in the entertainment industry as an anchor for Telugu film events and has since gained popularity for her excellent communication skills and charming personality. She has received several accolades for her work and hopes to continue her success in the future.

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