Manual Razor or Electric Head Shaver? Find out What’s Better!

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Manual Razor or Electric Head Shaver? Find out What’s Better!

Manual Razor or Electric Head Shaver? Find out What’s Better!

Manual Razor or Electric Shaver – which is a more efficient shaving tool? It has been the world’s most asked question by men until the invention of powered razors.

For ages, men have been using numerous ways to shave off their hair.  But, when electric shavers started becoming increasingly popular in the market, the biggest concern raised by men was – is it better than a manual razor?  

And today, when head-shaving became a viral trend, set by some of the world-famous top personalities, an electric head shaver has turned out to hold a special place in every man’s shaving kit. 

For all new head-shaving enthusiasts – are you still in doubt about which shaving tool to use? Hold on for a few minutes to read this blog that explains everything about both manual razors and electric head shavers!

Difference Between Razors and Shavers

All men who start their day shaving off their hair as a part of their grooming process, fall under two categories – a fan of electric shaver or head shave razor

Shaving is a very instinctive process. This means that shaving is not about using a single designated shaving method, tool, or step. Rather, it’s in your hands – which shaving tool or method works best for you. 

Even though choosing a shaving tool depends on your personal preference, shaving requirements, habits, and of course, your expectations, knowing the features of the tools can help you find the ideal ones.

Now, without any further ado, let’s have a detailed discussion on both the shaving tools.


Razors are the older and more traditional tools for shaving that come in two different forms. While cartridge razors are the disposable ones with three to five varieties of blades, safety razors are the steel ones with double-edged blades.

Safety razors are considered to give superior shaving results than disposable razors with multiple blades. That’s mainly because using multi-bladed disposable razors increases the risk of skin irritation and redness. 

Electric Shavers

Electric head shavers are the modern and trending shaving tools that are available in two varieties – foil shaver and oscillating shaver. Even though electric shavers fail to provide a thorough and close shave like manual razors, they offer several other benefits.

First, they reduce the potential risks of cuts, nicks, and scalp irritation that is otherwise caused by razors. Second, they are easier and safer to use as compared to manual razors. 

Unlike traditional razors that require expertise and care to handle, electric head shavers are more handy and convenient to use. Apart from that, shaving your head with an electric head shaver means you do not need to spend additional time lathering your scalp. And that’s why head-shaving becomes quick and hassle-free. 

Pick the Best Shaving Tool!

Well, after having detailed information on both the shaving tools, you know what shall be your right pick. However, if you are still in doubt about which is the better tool for shaving off your hair, keep reading and find out the ideal tool for you.  

Use an Electric Shaver to Save Time

If you are looking for a tool that can help you achieve your go-to head shave, nothing can be better than an electric shaver! Unlike wet shaving which requires you to lather up your scalp and replace razor blades frequently, electric head shavers simply require electricity to work efficiently and shave off your hair. Moreover, you can carry your electric shaver to any place or room that has an availability of power. 

Electric Shavers Serve Multiple Purposes

Electric shavers are ideal for shaving different areas of your head. It is extremely useful for getting a smooth shave, especially for men who have lumpier heads. These shavers can be used for both wet shaving and dry shaving purposes. However, just make sure to check the product manual to find out the right way of using it. 

Electric Shavers Offer Safe Shaving

To all men out there who are constantly struggling to shave their sensitive scalp – here’s an effective solution for you! Start using an electric head shaver and reduce the chances of suffering from scalp irritation, redness, or rashes. While manual razors are more likely to cause razor burns, cuts, nicks, and itchiness to your scalp, electric shavers are more gentle on the scalp, thus offering safe shaving.

Electric Shavers Require Low Maintenance

While manual razors require frequent replacement of blades, electric head shavers have no such requirement. Powered shavers are meant for long-term use. The only maintenance required by electric shavers is that you need to charge the devices from time to time and keep them clean.

Final Words

Now that you have read the entire blog, you must have come up with a decision on which shaving tool shall be the ideal one for you. However, we will repeat our words once again – always choose a shaver based on your personal preference, shaving requirement, and habits. Be it an electric head shaver or head shave razor, use one that is comfortable on your scalp!