Men Outfit Ideas- How To Style A Dinner Jacket

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Men Outfit Ideas- How To Style A Dinner Jacket

The dinner jacket is man’s best friend when it comes to formal evening events and black tie functions. This jacket is elegant and fashionable, but easy to wear. It’s a must-have item for every gentleman. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending a wedding or a party, there will be times in your life where you’ll need your dinner jacket or corpse husband merch hoodie. So it’s important that you know what it is and how it should be worn. We are here to help. This is our guide to how to dress a men’s dinner coat for a sophisticated look.

What is a dinner jacket?

A dinner jacket is a jacket that men wear for formal events in the evening. The dinner jacket is also known as a “tuxedo jacket” and does not include tails. The jacket is usually worn with a bow tie, and has satin or grosgrain lapel facings.

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What is the difference between a Tuxedo and a Suit?

It is important to know the differences between a suit and a tuxedo before you dress for formal events. Suits are more suitable for daytime events and low-key events than tuxedos. A suit jacket usually has lapels that are the same material as its body, which is different from a dinner jacket. Suit trousers are usually without embellishments, while tuxedo pants often have a strip on the outside. While tuxedos can be worn with bow ties or pleated shirts and either a waistcoat, cummerbund, or a waistcoat, suits are better suited for standard neckties and shirts.

What to wear with a dinner jacket

You must first choose what jacket you will wear with your dinner jacket. You have two options for a dinner jacket: a simple single-breasted style, or a bolder dual-breasted style. You have two options when it comes to lapels: a peaked or shawl design.

Formal shirt

A white formal shirt can be worn with a tuxedo. A bib or pleated front shirt with French or double cuffs is a great choice for a classic look. A plain front dress coryxkenshin merch is a better option for a modern look. You should also consider the types of buttons and plackets, as well as whether studs will be required.


To be able to wear a cummerbund, or waistcoat properly with tuxedo pants, they should be high-waisted. They should match the jacket fabric for a classic look. If your tuxedo pants have a strip down the side of the jacket, which is often the case, then it should be the same material as your jacket.

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Bow Tie

A black bowtie is essential when wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie affair. You can diversify your look by changing the texture and material of your bow tie.


Black Oxford shoes look great with a tuxedo, dinner jacket or blazer. A patent style will give your look a sophisticated edge for formal events.

Waistcoat / Cummerbund

To complete your look, you can wear either a waistcoat OR a cummerbund. You can wear either one, but a cummerbund should be the same material as your jacket lapel to create a classic look.

How to wear a dinner jacket

  • For black tie events, pair your dinner jacket and matching tuxedo pants.
  • You can choose from a plain, pleated or bib front formal shirt.
  • A bow tie is a great addition.
  • For a more traditional look, wear a cummerbund (or waistcoat).
  • To complete your look, choose patent black Oxford shoes.