Most Common Signs that Your Vehicle is a Lemon

Rohan Mathew

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When you buy a car that has manufacturing issues and is not giving you the right value of the amount you have spent, it is the case of lemon law as per our lemon law lawyer Los Angeles. A lemon law refers to a free compensation that could be claimed from a manufacturer upon defects and failure of the newly bought vehicle. This law is governed in the United States where the residents could buy back their money spent on a defective piece of manufacturing or which does not meet the quality standards promised by the manufacturing party.

Here “Lemon” means the defective vehicle that lacks performance values and once it is considered as one, an individual can seek a claim within the warranty period, which is mostly twelve months from the date of purchase. Although, Lemon law is stipulated with conditions for different states and regions, therefore, your lemon law lawyer Los Angeles would be better positioned to gather the required information and represent your case.

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Lemon law lawyer los angeles provide you the legal edge against the manufacturers who are at fault for issuing a defective vehicle to the customer and are duly responsible to reimburse for the same. While an individual can take his/her own lemon law case to the court, it is often recommended to hire an attorney. Such cases could take time, depending upon the nature of the issue that arose and the manufacturing party might also litigate to avoid monetary redressal.

How To Choose A Lemon Law Lawyer?

If you are stuck in a legal instance regarding a vehicle purchase that comes out to be defective, it is better to consult an experienced lawyer so the case could be efficiently handled and arrive at a favorable conclusion. With time, your lemon lawyer will prove its worth as it keeps track of the information records and presents valuable facts by and by.

Here are a few things you can consider before hiring a lemon law lawyer – 

    • Site Location – It is important that your lemon law attorney has practiced and licenses in the same location/state where you are supposed to raise a case for the compensation claim. Since many attorneys travel to different regions to represent their clients, it becomes difficult for them to fully understand and cater to the state laws. Further, commuting to far distant places reduces the effectiveness of the lawyer and hampers his/her capabilities.


  • Set Up Consequent Meetings – Often people hire their attorneys without personally meeting them or knowing their past cases which could be a setback. It is recommended not to hurry up in such things and probe about your potential lemon law lawyer, ask for insights about similar cases/clients that they have represented in the court. It would help you to crosscheck your lawyer’s potential and expertise so you can fully trust him/her and appoint for your lemon law claim case.


  • Experience and Prestige – It is crucial for any professional to have years of experience and great knowledge in the respective field to build its credibility and reputation. Similarly, if you are trying to find a lemon law attorney for your case, you should hold research and practice sessions to choose the best attorney possible. An experienced lawyer would know the how-to in these cases and could possibly turn the case in your favor and seek a reasonable compensation claim.


  • Service Fee – Lawyers are evidently costlier in most of the cases and could go out of your budget if you fail to attempt any research about him/her. Therefore, it is advised to compare different lemon law lawyers, seek information about their service charges, do they charge per session hearing or lumpsum, so you can project and plan your monetary resources accordingly.

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Purchasing a car is a hectic procedure, given that you need to cover information for different model variants, take assistance on insurance, invest a huge amount, and protect your car from any physical damage. However, any internal fault that is not prefixed or resolved by the manufacturer before selling out must be covered by the latter party solely. Consult a lemon law attorney that takes your case into account and represents it legally in court to seek a compensation claim with required charges.