Must Do Activities for Your Beach Adventures

Rohan Mathew

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Are you planning a trip to the beach? It’s one of the most fun days out you can have. Not only that, if you live nearby it’s low cost and convenient too! The beach is one of the easiest places to enjoy yourself and find fun things to do.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some beach activities you simply can’t miss. Whether you like to chill out and catch some rays, try new water sports, or really get the adrenaline flowing, there’s a beach activity that you’ll enjoy. Let’s take a look at nine of the best.


First of all an activity that anyone can enjoy at the beach. Swimming and paddling is a great way to chill out as it’s a low impact workout, but you’re still doing exercise at the same time. It’s also one of the easiest water sports to do as there’s no need for any equipment. Just get your swimsuit, put on some (waterproof) sunscreen and you’re ready to go!

The only thing that you should be wary of when swimming is that there are often strong currents when swimming in the sea that you won’t be used to from your local swimming pool. If you’re not a strong swimmer, stay close to the beach and in a swimming area if there is one.

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Stand up Paddleboarding

Whenever you head to the beach now, you’re likely to see paddleboarders off in the distance, looking like they’re having a wonderfully chilled out time. And that’s because they are! SUP is often done on flat water and it’s done at a much slower pace than another popular board sport – surfing. At least, the regular incarnation of it is.

If you’re a beginner paddleboarder, perhaps check out local paddleboarding tours where you can go with an instructor. Once you’ve mastered how to stand on your board, you’ll be able to paddle in and out of caves and get to inaccessible coves and secret beaches. It’s a truly exhilarating activity! Make your SUP trip more fun with these recommended accessories.


The other big board sport out there is surfing. One of the world’s most popular watersports, if you’ve got big waves you’re going to find surfers. It can be intimidating for beginners, but like SUP, it’s not hard to find a surf school through Sunshine Coast tours or even just some lessons from locals when you travel to the beach.

Surfing is not only great fun, but it’s a wonderful workout for your whole body. As well as your core, it develops upper body strength and it burns a lot of calories, so it’s great for losing weight too.


If surfing doesn’t get your adrenaline flowing, then it might be time to the lookout. Though it’s a watersport, you might not even get wet doing this one! Parasailing involves being hooked up to the back of a speedboat before it speeds through the sea at high speed. If that’s not enough of a thrill, you’ll be hundreds of feet in the air being dragged along behind it. This is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush there’s nothing better.

Unless you have your own speedboat, someone to drive it, and a parachute, you can’t just go parasailing, unfortunately. So, you’ll have to find a beach that offers it as an activity.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

If you enjoy swimming and want to see more of what’s under the water, snorkeling and scuba diving may seem like a logical next step. It’s especially good if you’re at a beach where there’s a lot of marine life – think for example in the Mediterranean Sea or South East Asia. You can usually buy snorkels at quite a low price in local tourist shops, or failing that you could rent one.

Scuba diving is a bit trickier and it requires more commitment than just a snorkel. However, many beaches have dive schools that offer PADI training courses – the first step to becoming a qualified scuba diver!

Playing Sports

Working out and doing good exercise on the beach doesn’t have to include actually going in the water. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than drawing your own soccer or baseball pitch on the sand itself. Of course, you’ll have to remember to bring the equipment such as bats and balls. This is a great workout and it’s a lot of fun if you’re traveling with a group of friends or as a family.

Fancy a shot at beach volleyball? Some beaches even have their own courts. All you need is a ball!

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Having a picnic

Not everyone who comes to the beach wants a workout or an adrenaline rush. If you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family, why not pack a picnic? Get a few towels or rugs to sit on and share food together. You can even start the fun before you get to the beach if you all make it together! Just be sure that if you’re bringing food that needs to be refrigerated that you have a sturdy and reliable cool box.

Relax and Chill Out!

If you don’t live near a beach, visiting may only be something that you do once or twice a year. So, rather than trying to pack in as many things as possible, just lay down your towel and relax! That could be anything from enjoying a spot of stand up paddleboarding to reading a book by your favourite author. Be kind to yourself!