New To The University? Preparation Phase, Finance & How Can you Relax Yourself  

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If you are new to the university and don’t know anyone yet, everything is a bit stressful and takes getting used to. Because now you have to decide a lot yourself and you can even divide your schedule freely. You might also move to another city.

You are certainly looking forward to your own apartment, your studies, new friends, etc. But you will also have to adapt, because school is over and from now on you will no longer live in the “Hotel Mama”. That is why your own planning is very important. This guide gives you a little help so that you can start better at the new university and in your own apartment.

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Preparation phase

Find an apartment

As soon as you have registered for the university, you can start looking for an apartment. You should make it clear in advance which type of apartment you prefer. You should ask yourself whether you would like to move into a room in a shared apartment or maybe you would rather have an apartment all to yourself. The advantage of a room in a shared apartment is that you can make new friends straight away. But a room in a student dormitory can also ensure that you get to know new people quickly. In addition to the individual rooms, there are often communal facilities in which you can study, spend your free time with new friends and make new acquaintances. However, early application to the local student union is urgently required.

You should also know which district is suitable for you and what budget you have available at all. For example, if you can only raise $ 200 for the apartment, this could possibly be too little for your own apartment, depending on the city and district. If you’re studying in Berkeley, California, and can stretch up your budget, you can look for apartments for rent in Berkeley and choose which apartment best suits you. 

You can find a suitable apartment through the bulletin board at your university, by scouring the daily and student newspapers, and by browsing the Internet. You can also ask older students to help you. They usually have the necessary experience and can therefore find a suitable apartment for you.

Financial planning

Financial planning is very important for you as a freshman because this is the only way you can see how much money you need and how much is available to you. The best thing to do is to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down the approximate cost. You should always write down the following points:

  • Rental fee
  • Food
  • Tuition fee
  • Telephone and internet
  • Dress
  • Ride costs
  • Learning material
  • Broadcasting fees
  • Insurance

After you have made an estimate for all of these points, you can start writing down how you will cover these costs. For example, you could apply for student counselling. In order to know whether and how much you will receive, you should apply for it in good time. You can also use calculator on the Internet to find out about your student loan rate. You may also get money from your parents. If so, you should also include this point. You may be able to say with certainty how much they can and will give you.

You may also have the chance to get housing benefit. In this case, you should also apply for this in good time. You should also see whether you have the option to take out a student loan and thereby finance your studies. You may also have some reserves that you have inherited or saved together. You should also include these assets in your financial planning. It is also advisable to consider the possibility of a scholarship. Maybe there is a way to apply and maybe you can even get hold of one. It is also useful to look for a part-time jobto ask around. There are many possibilities, from the typical waiter or pizza delivery person to the entertainer in amusement parks.

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>> Tip: In addition to the typical student jobs, there are also really extraordinary jobs that fit well into everyday university life.

Overall, this financial planning gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your budget and to always know how much you can and cannot spend, even during your studies.


Orientation week

Many universities offer an orientation week especially for first-time students. Here you will find the most important information about planning your studies. You can also take a look at the cafeteria and, if necessary, test it once. You can also get to know your fellow students during the orientation week. It is also recommended to take the tour (if one is offered). Because this shows you the whole university building and possibly explains one or the other to you. So, you can get an ideal overview of the campus and see where the toilets, the drinks and candy machines, the different rooms, etc. are located.

If you are also interested in university sports, you can also find out more about it directly during the O week. Since the courses fill up very quickly, it is best to take care of them immediately.Otherwise, you may not get the place in the course that you wanted.

In addition to the orientation week, other events are often offered before the start of the semester or during the first week of the semester. For example, excursions are organized or information seminars take place. You should definitely use these introductory events. The orientation week in particular can help you find your way around and get to know some of your fellow students. Before you go to the break, students are recommended to hire a professional private tutor who can make your studies easier, such as LNAT tutors

Breaks to relax

Furthermore, it is essential and important to plan learning breaks. There are very different types of breaks. On the one hand, there is a pause to save. This is just ten to 30 seconds. Here you should pause for a short time so that your brain can save what you have learned and not forget it again so quickly.

Finally, there are also breaks in between. These should be a maximum of half an hour and are important to regain strength. This will allow you to concentrate better afterwards and learn better at the same time. During this break you should relax and maybe go for a walk, listen to music or read. It’s best not to watch TV here. You could just lose track of time.

After you’ve studied almost four hours, you can ultimately treat yourself to a long break to relax. This is also very important for your body and, above all, for your mind, because the strenuous study you need in between times and you can get this ideal by leaving your workplace for one to two hours, going out for a bite to eat or doing sport. After the break, you can start studying again if necessary.