Norton’s Family Premiere Review

Rohan Mathew

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Norton’s Family Premiere has an excellent price per feature pack, a good set of innovative features, and excellent for family use. Parental control is the new thing that we all have to admit, and having kids online 24×7 is not safe from several perspectives. Flexibility in blocking content, natural filtering, automated and adaptive filtering, notifications, and monitoring are all aspects of an antivirus solution today. These are not just to save the device but also the user using them. Norton Family Premier is one such tool.

Symantec’s New Piece of Program

The Norton Family Premier is the cutting-edge flagship from Symantec and offers cross-platform protection including monitoring. It allows monitoring as many devices as you like for a fixed price of $49.99 per month, which is not just affordable but effective. From a price to value perspective, this is great news. Compared to many other tools and software out there, this could mean a game-changer if the monitoring part is done right. Parental Controls is a new game-changer in the market and as more and more young people stay put online 24×7, being the top-ranked program in this tech is a good start.

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The Dashboard

Norton Family review is not complete without the UI which is the dashboard itself. This is the first piece that anyone would see and begin to interact with and it has to be informative as well as useful.

  • The Dashboard provides intuitive reporting and the highlights are re-delivered once every day, making it a great tool.
  • Notifications are delivered right to your inbox and various “house rules” can be set by parents for their kids.
  • For every device and account, you can tweak your rules and settings while most of these are in presets for different age groups, on a particular device.
  • Each category is separate and allows for greater intuitive management of the nitty-gritty details.

Norton Desktop vs. Mobile

The user interface mostly varies from the desktop which has a larger screen to the mobile that has smaller screens. Norton tries to bridge this gap by keeping things as seamless and as similar as possible. On the desktop, Norton automatically enables a safe search mechanism and triggers this across all your browser applications by default. In search engines, toolbars, and video networks, it is all active and monitoring. Norton even offers native Facebook monitoring and efficiently filters websites, which is great news for parents. Those who do not know much about setting parental controls, and checking everything in details, Norton offers some relief.

Over on the mobile version, Norton Family is the most recommended parental control software. In Norton Family review, this part is often a little talked about, but this is something that this program takes care of as well. And, with support, it can improve upon this in the future with patches. If your child utilizes their application like a web browser, this is quite useful. This offers Norton’s most robust and strict web filtering technology in action, monitoring, and blocking capabilities.

Finally, most mainstream browsers are also covered, so you do not have to limit yourself to using Norton’s browser application. With the exception of Safari, that does not allow making any under-the-hood changes, Apple takes care of all its security features all by itself.

How to Set up Norton Family Easily?

The set of instructions can be found on its official website, and it also comes with its purchase and instruction manual. To do a trial and test how it works, try this. Go for a 30-day free trial, and try setting up your child’s profile. Learn how easy or difficult it is, and if you are satisfied, you can go hard and purchase it for a month.

  • All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You have to download the client on your computer and install it.
  • Associate your child with the computer by putting in details and make sure that your child has his own login credentials.
  • The settings don’t apply when you are using the computer, and different accounts can have different settings, which is great.
  • Then, you can install Norton’s App on their smartphone, and this application doubles up as the browser too. Norton also sets up a VPN all by itself, to keep your privacy and confidential information safe from eavesdroppers.

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Filtering & Blocking

Web filtering is the bread and butter of every parental control software, and anybody that does it right is going to survive. With Norton Deluxe you can get a lot of these tools free of charge. And, this means spending just $50 per month, for as many devices as you like. Since Norton’s team takes a sincere effort in putting your child and your family safe, it is equipped with 47 different kinds of filters in an effort to curb all kinds of cyber-bullying, hate speech, damaging content exposure, adult content, and so on. There are various categories including pornography, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and so on too by which you can block content. These are further divided into advanced categories too like crime, plagiarism, suicide, making bombs, and so on.

According to the age specification, many of these are pre-blocked so that you don’t always have to fiddle with each and every setting. Later, you can make modifications too. Norton Family review is incomplete without mentioning all these technological innovations.

Limitations & Summary

Unfortunately, right now all things are not that great such as the absence of machine learning and AI, natural language processing, and availability in different languages. It supports platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and that is all. You are also currently able to designate different categories by device, and not per account. You can also allow websites to place them under a category, which is a good thing. With these limitations, it is both useful and serves as a recommended parental control software for kids.

In all, Norton Family Premier is a great tool for 2020, and with the current situation going on around, online activities have increased a lot. This means greater security, using VPN and antivirus solutions for your family, and the safety of your young kids.