OFW in 2022 – The Life of Overseas Filipino Workers

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OFW in 2022 - The Life of Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have been working hard to deliver outstanding performance following 2021. As per multiple records, they sent home a record-breaking number of international remittances in 2021. Expats still send money to Philippines from different corners of the world, keeping the continuous flow of international remittances. As per Nikkei Asia reports for international remittances, $31.4 billion was recorded in 2021. The total figure is up by 5.1% in contrast with the total remittances in 2020, i.e., $29.9 billion. 

Let’s have a quick overview of the challenges & benefits these expats come around. 

Significant Challenges in Life of Expats Overseas

Many people move overseas to adopt a better lifestyle or support their livelihood back in their homeland. The harsh truth about life is that one can never be sure even about the next moment. One moment, you may be living the luxury life of your dreams; the next moment can take it all away! Usually, people travel overseas with the ambition to achieve every milestone they have been planning for a long time. If you have never experienced life as an expat, you can never expect the number of challenges waiting for you overseas. Some of the significant challenges are as follows: 

  • Communication Barrier

If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), let’s agree with the fact that ‘Language’ is a powerful element. Proper language knowledge helps you communicate freely and conveniently to accomplish even the most demanding tasks. However, failure to understand and communicate in the native language overseas can create troubles in your life. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) reported having difficulty communicating with citizens and other foreigners. The primary reason behind this downturn is the communication barrier. If you are looking forward to staying safe from such trouble, start your learning today and unleash the doors of possibilities. 

  • Life & Work Environment

The life and work environment overseas is always better and welcomes foreigners with wide-open hearts. Most Filipino workers find it convenient to make their way into a relaxing and cooperative work environment. When you are working in a stress-free environment, success is next door! Expats with exceptional communication skills find maintaining good relationships with their fellow workers easy. 

In addition, there are well-settled overseas expats leading business industries and providing vast job opportunities to others around. The exceptional support behind the success stories of Filipino Workers is the policies from the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA), and other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).  

  • Legal Services & Health Facilities

When it comes to protecting the rights of Overseas Filipino Workers, the Government of the Philippines maintains a supporting behaviour. Many overseas expats live happy life, as their countries play a distinct role in providing legal services. However, when it comes to health facilities, foreign countries have higher standards of health services and the latest medical facilities available. But all of that comes at a fair price when you are overseas. The health insurance companies must back you to cover all the medical expenses and billings. 

  • Finances

Almost 40% of overseas expats essentially require stable finances. Despite the geographical location, expats are always somehow connected with people in their homeland. They have to transfer funds overseas, so that life may not be that hard on their families, friends, and loved ones. To keep on with the practice of managing money transfers to the Philippines, one must earn the same way. So that one can provide funds across borders in the hour of need and carry out their daily life activities overseas. 

The Bright Side of Life as an Overseas Filipino Worker

Despite all the above, there exist various benefits for overseas Filipino workers. When expats travel overseas as Filipino workers, they must become an Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) member. The OWWA protects the rights of overseas Filipino workers by promoting additional coverage in case of any required assistance. These are the primary advantages of OWWA: 

  • Social Benefits
  • Education & Training Benefits
  • Welfare Programs 
  • Reintegration Programs
  • Repatriation Assistance Benefits

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) also take the chances of getting part-time jobs, so they may be able to save some extra bucks on their monthly income. These part-time jobs are an additional booster to savings of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)! Yet again, the objective is to earn money to send money to Philippines. 

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