OnePlus Rumoured To Launch Its First True Wireless Earbuds In July

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OnePlus Rumoured To Launch Its First True Wireless Earbuds In July

OnePlus Rumoured to Launch Its First True Wireless Earbuds in July, May Look Similar to AirPods

OnePlus new rumoured come to launch its first true wireless earbuds aka TWS earbuds in July. These Chinese company was speculated to bring its true wireless earbuds alongside the OnePlus 8 series last month. In the company did not unveil the much-anticipated offering and instead ended up unveiling the Bullets Wireless Z as its affordable wireless in-ear headphones. OnePlus is expected to compete strongly against Apple’s AirPods with its true wireless earbuds that have been anticipated for some time. The special event could take place in July where the company may unveil the OnePlus Z in addition to the true wireless earbuds.

The tipster named Max J. on Twitter has indicated that the true wireless earbuds by OnePlus will launch in July. These tipster are also posted an image suggesting the design of the earbuds that appear quite similar to the AirPods. 

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OnePlus Released Detail Wireless Earbuds 

OnePlus has not give released any details about its true wireless earbuds. Nevertheless, the tipster in December posted a concept image to suggest to the launch of the true wireless earbuds by the company. These earbuds were expected to launch alongside the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro last month.The tipster tweeted a few days before the launch that the company would “sadly not” launch the true wireless earbuds at the OnePlus 8 launch. 

These new earbuds by OnePlus are expected to debut alongside the OnePlus Z, which was initially rumoured as the OnePlus 8 Lite & it is reported to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC along with 5G support. In the Late last month, Max J claimed that the OnePlus Z would launch in July. 

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Interest Towards Expanding In Audio Market

OnePlus Company  entered the world of wireless audio devices by launching the first-generation Bullets Wireless in-ear headphones in May 2018. These headphones received their update in May last year through the arrival of the Bullets Wireless 2. OnePlus didn’t upgrade the Bullets Wireless 2 this year but brought an affordable version in the form of the Bullets Wireless Z last month that is available at Rs. 1,999. 

In the bringing  three in-ear headphones, OnePlus seems to be all set to enter true wireless earbuds space with its new offering. These company is likely to join Realme, which is owned by the same parent BBK Electronics, and imitate the design of Apple’s AirPods. someever, it is likely that there might be some changes on the features front to deliver some distinction.