Opening a company in Hong Kong?

Rohan Mathew


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Has it ever crossed your mind to open a company in Hong Kong and further align business with China? Anyone who knows Hong Kong knows what a great city it is, but they may not imagine it is so easy to start a business there. The beauty of the city is not restricted to skyscrapers, impressive culture, or even the beautiful mix of green and concrete. The city is made beautiful by the great business opportunities as well.

What is the main reason for Americans and other foreigners to open a company in Hong Kong? The reasons are many, this post was made to explain them. In reality, those looking for this type of business are usually entrepreneurs who are already involved in the import market.

About the advantages of doing business with China, I won’t need to talk much, as I’m sure you already know the advantages, such as, for example, the large number of suppliers, products, excellent prices, and the latest one, something called technology voucher program funding.

Is opening a company in Hong Kong that easy? Perhaps you are in doubt now, as it is common to hear that China is a difficult country, but, nevertheless, there are those who dare to say that Hong Kong is not China, since it has a democratic government and is independent from Beijing.

In view of this historical and political situation, it is concluded that the easiness to open a company is Hong Kong, due to the fact that they have adopted more open policies towards the world. Isn’t that a good opportunity? Hong Kong can be the capital of profit!

Is opening a company in Hong Kong worth it?

Yes, it certainly pays to open a company in Hong Kong. However, it is possible to see what planning you have been adopting in your business and if there is a viability. If the result is positive in these criteria, there is no reason not to open a company in Hong Kong.


The American who opens a company in Hong Kong will find it much easier than in US. About a week, it is possible to have the documentation on hand. Of course, it is not only the opening of the company that will allow it to operate, it is also necessary to the bank account.

The ease of opening a company in Hong Kong can be a big draw for your business. If you intend to go even further in business with China, it is a big step to register a company to operate. It will make your business much easier, and above all, it will give greater credibility within the import business.

In addition, your credibility with your customers increases when they know that you have a company in China and that it will make their lives easier too. This is very important: you need to be able to offer the best experience and possible result to your customers.

Strategy for those seeking diversity

Opening a company in Hong Kong is a big step for those betting on product diversity. You already know that the diversity of products and suppliers in China is great, don’t you? Well, a great advantage of having a company in Chinese territory is being able to negotiate more easily with the factories, and as a consequence, bet on more diversity of prices and products for your customers.

Strategy for importers

Yes, opening a company in China is a huge strategy for importers. In addition to facilitating your negotiations, being able to do business directly with suppliers and their factories, it also facilitates when sending the goods to US.

The advantages are numerous, the list would be immense, so my advice is: analyze your business and if those main factors interest you, if yes, do not hesitate to invest in Hong Kong, you will not regret it.