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It is challenging to choose the outboard motor for saltwater among so many different options. It includes several factors that make an excellent guide to buy an outboard motor for saltwater. An outboard motor is a perfect selection for most boats. Their maintenance and cleaning are trouble-free, whether you need to upgrade the engine to get more horsepower or other customization. It keeps your boat smooth to customize anytime, outboard motors are inexpensive as compared to inboard motors, and can be simply found second hand or new. It is adjustable, and you can raise or lower your motor position according to your requirement in deep or shallow water.

How to choose the best outboard motor for saltwater

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How to choose the best outboard motor for saltwater

Keys to remember before buying:

To buy an Outboard Motor for Saltwater, you require comprehensive information, why you need it? And what kind of boat you have?. We have gathered some guidelines that will help you to buy the best Outboard Motor for Saltwater for your boat. Let’s start.


Boat-Weight :

Weight plays a vital role in the selection between six or four-cylinder for your boat. Boats with lighter weight perform well with 4-cylinder if you have a boat under 15-20 feet, then consider buying four-cylinder. Connecting a low horsepower Outboard Motor for Saltwater with a bigger boat will put you in deep trouble.



If you compare four-cylinder and six-cylinder both having the same horsepower, you will see higher shifting power in six-cylinder. The six-cylinder motor will outperform four-cylinder. It generates more torque quickly. If your preference is speed and you want to get up as fast as it could be, then a six-cylinder is the best one for you.


Fuel Injection:

Outboard Motor for Saltwater work on three separate types of fuel injectors. The significant difference between electronic injection, direct injection, and a carbureted setup is their working techniques.

  1. Electronic-Injection:

It uses an electronic system to control the flow of air and fuel. It works the same in all conditions of load and water. No matter the water is shallow or deep, it will remain quite impressive.

  1. Direct-Injection:

It is very efficient, as it gives extra performance by depositing the fuel directly into the engine. This type of engine comes up with fuel-saving, an instant start-up with no smoking, excellent acceleration, and a vast range of torque. It is all because of the direct-injection of fuel.

  1. Carburated-Injection:

This system works on old thought, and it is at the bottom of a list when you talk about fuel consumption. In this, a mechanical tool with a tube controls the flow in the engine. Carburated-injection motors are the most inexpensive in the market and easy to buy, but for the long term, it would not be an appropriate selection.

outboard motor for saltwater


Horsepower depends on your requirement and factors like, for higher speed, for better fuel consumption or according to the load you have to carry on your boat.

  1. Small-Boats:

If you own a sailboat or any other small boat and you have to run it on a lake or low ground of water, then you need to buy ten horsepower, which is good enough for your need.

  1. Light but long-boats:

Boats that are made up of aluminum/fiberglass are not required a lot of horsepowers to put in a go. If the boat length is about sixteen feet, then you just need 15-20 HP strength for a reasonable amount of power.

  1. Boats with 16-25 feet length:

Leisure boats fall into this category. Ships that use for fishing or going to the beach are also included in this range. To perform such activities, horsepower ranging to 70-90 is more than fine. The owner of such boats will be satisfied with the power.

If you have a plan to travel more away with fast speed, then a 300-HP range will be adequate power.

  1. Boats above 25-feet:

If the boat is more than or equal to 25-feet, then a dual-motor with 200-HP and 300-Hp are legitimate range. It will provide you extra power and immense speed to travel across the ocean. Indeed an extraordinary fortune over the waterways.

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You are not supposed to go out and buy some heavy motors and get crazy with it. It is the time to make sure that the hull of your boat may take the weight or not. If the boat is designed for old fashioned 2-stroke engine, then you need to be cautionary because today’s motors are more substantial and bigger. Stay in the weight range of 30-40 pounds of your old motor, and it will make it easier to choose a 4-stroke engine. One more essential factor that you have to keep in your mind is that a lightweight motor will keep your boat calm in shallow water while fishing. This point will be an opportunity for you to catch more fish.



When all the features are similar, then a four-cylinder motor will use less fuel than the six-cylinder engine, and that’s a good saving on fuel with essential functions. Motors can move in ease with less weight and its direct effect to fuel efficiency. However, this choice is for small boats, but in case you have a bigger boat, then the six-cylinder motor will be a smart choice for you to get more efficient results. If you use the engine with less HP and weight on a heavy boat, it may consume more fuel, and you will be unhappy with the performance.


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Do you need a special outboard motor for saltwater?

All outboards are designed to be used in fresh or saltwater. Saline water is corrosive, but these engines are designed to take it with stainless steel components. Despite this, if you take care of it then your engine will run longer.


What is the difference between a saltwater outboard motor and a freshwater outboard motor?

The main disadvantage of the raw water cooling system is the use of the system in saltwater. The salt will decay the metals and shorten the life of the Outboard Motor for Saltwater. According to the Long Island Marine Surveyor website, a raw water outboard motor has a life expectancy of 1,000 hours of running.


How long do outboards last in saltwater?

In these engines too, raw water is often cooled and injected into the riser. Keep in mind that while living in fresh water, the manifold can last 10 years or more; In hot saltwater, its age can be reduced from 3 to 4 years.


Who sells the most outboard motors for saltwater in the world?

Yamaha Motor Sells the most outboard motors in the world


Yamaha Motor Records records 40% of global engine sales. Japanese company Yamaha Motor recorded sales of 300,000 units in 2015 for a 40% share in the global market. The company had come a long way towards switching from a two-stroke to a four-stroke outboard engine. 19, 2016



When you go to purchase a new outboard motor for your boat/ship, you can buy a more significant and more massive engine, but you can not get the desired result with this choice. Although you need the best fit for your boat, it is only possible bu checking the facts and consider them before buying. You can not ignore the weight, age, and size of your ship in order to change the motor. More briefly, you must have to figure out the required HP strength. So you can get the perfect outboard motor for your boat and avoid nuisance.