Picking the Right Bikini Colour to Match Your Skin Tone

Rohan Mathew

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Here’s an important rule of thumb when you are out to buy a new bikini: Make sure that it matches your skin tone. You can get a two-piece, one-piece, red, or even an emerald green bikini—it’s all up to you. But remember that it should match the tone of your skin.

The bikini has gone a long way since the day it was created on July 5, 1946. Today, bikinis from Dubai come in many different colors, shades, and shapes to fit every woman. The tips below will help you find the right match.

Best Bikini Colours for Women with Fair Skin

When we say fair skin, we are referring to women who have white skin but not milky white. The skin doesn’t tan that easily, but it does make their skin look a little pink after some sun exposure. Some of these gals have naturally brown or blonde hair.

The best bikini colours for women with this skin type are those that can give colour contrasts. Bikinis in pastel colours work great for this skin tone. The best options include light or dark green, blue, coral, and pink.

Avoid bikinis that are orange, yellow, or white.

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Bikinis for Women with Pale or White Skin

Some people have milky white skin while others just have the usual whitish colour. Some even have skin that gets easily irritated and gets red when exposed to the sun.

What colour of bikini should you get if you have this type of skin?

We recommend dark shades to provide a nice contrast to your skin tone. The best colours include brown, red, deep purple, navy blue, black, and even an emerald green bikini.

You should avoid bikinis in orange, yellow, and white. These are known as the nude colours. These colours will make your skin look paler.

Golden and Light Skin Colours

People with light skin colour and golden skin tones are the envy of the crowd. They are the ones who have a natural tan all year round. Some people call this skin colour a carnation—but others will argue that description.

People with this skin type usually get reddish skin when exposed to direct sunlight, just like those of other skin types. However, after some sun exposure, they do get a gorgeous tan that some envy.

The well-tanned look or golden colour comes around even long after summer vacation. Even though people with this skin tone can wear pretty much anything, they should still pick the right colours.

During the early summer months, they should get bikinis in dark or bright colours. They complement your skin colour and can provide some nice contrast. You can even choose plain designs or if you are adventurous, try on some neon-coloured bikinis or even an emerald green bikini.

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By the middle of summer, when your tan is already showing, you can now put on colours that would be disastrous for other girls like white-coloured bikinis. If you want to wear yellow or orange colours, you should make sure that your bikini has some interesting patterns on it.

Dark Skin Type

So what if you have gorgeous black or brown skin? Which colours look great on you? The recommended colours for your bikini would be light green, yellow, and white. These colours provide a beautiful highlight to your skin tone.

In fact, you can even wear anything you want. You can wear red, black, brown, or any dark colour and you will look absolutely stunning.


The best colour for your bikini will be the one that matches your skin tone. Get the ones that match, and you will be an amazing head-turner in the water and on the sand.