Planting Cannabis Seeds Indoors: What Do I Need?

Rohan Mathew


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Indoor growing of cannabis seeds is a cultivation method that is more inclined to experienced and advanced growers. As the name suggests (quite obviously, in fact), indoor growing is when your cannabis seeds are sown and cultivated inside an indoor area that is usually kept away from the outside elements. Usually, an indoor garden for your cannabis seeds will mainly rely on the various equipment and machineries to simulate the weather conditions of an organic growing space.

You see, cannabis plants naturally thrive in an outdoor garden. They are indigenous to places with warm, tropical climates which means that they will generally need a lot of lighting! Don’t worry, though. This is made possible in an indoor setup as well!

Why Should I Grow My Cannabis Seeds Indoors?

The most attractive feature of using an indoor garden for your cannabis seeds is the ability to have complete control and administration of the climates and conditions in your gardens! With a number of systems usually installed into the setup, you can have full jurisdiction over the temperature, humidity, air flow, lighting, watering, and pretty much anything else in your gardens! This presents you with a much more consistent quality in your crops.

An indoor garden will also allow you to cultivate cannabis seeds in practically any time of the year. Because you won’t have to consider the different seasons and fluctuating weather that takes place all year round, you are capable of planting cannabis seeds at any given period. This means that you can maximize your schedules and have a little more harvests than in an outdoor garden! The various lighting systems can be used to trigger the flowering periods of your photoperiod seeds without having to rely on the months.

Because indoor gardens are situated away from outside elements, you will have a lot more privacy and security in your gardens. This is an effective way of hiding your plants and keeping them away from stingy neighbors and the public in general. Also, since you are keeping the plants under a regulated environment, the chances of having insects, sicknesses, and molds are significantly reduced!

General Things That You Will Need For Your Cannabis Seeds

There are a few things that you will need in all types of indoor setups. Despite there being a lot of ways to go about your indoor gardens, most of them will need some basic and general things as well! Here are the things you will need for almost every indoor cannabis seeds garden:

  1. Growing area – You are gonna have plenty of options for this one! The list of choices ranges from spare rooms, cabinets, grow tents, grow boxes, and even greenhouses! The great thing about growing spaces is that you can set it up using DIY techniques! Of course, other high-end grow tents and grow boxes can be purchased online or in hardware stores. Just make sure that you have ample space for your plants as well as your equipment!
  2. Lighting systems and Lux meters – The most important element for cannabis cultivation is, without a doubt, the light that they absorb. As such, you are going to need to carefully adjust and regulate the lighting system that you have! For indoor growing, you can choose either fluorescent, HID, or LED light bulbs. Each of them comes with different benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, a lux meter is a great way of measuring the exact amount of lighting that your cannabis plants receive.
  3. Air ventilations/ air pumps – In order to simulate the free-flowing air that comes from Mother Earth, a few air vents and fans will do the trick! Make sure that your plants get the much needed amount of carbon dioxide in order for them to stay fresh and healthy for photosynthesis.
  4. Thermostat – This will help you control the temperatures in your cannabis gardens. Now, it is important to note that different stages of a cannabis plant’s life will need different temperatures as well.
  5. Watering systems and timers – You can choose to do this manually or have an automated watering hydro system (e.g. hydroponics) do the job for you! Regardless, your indoor plants will need a detailed watering schedule which helps growers know when to water your cannabis plants. Timers can be of great use for this and for lighting schedules.
  6. Pots and containers – In an indoor cannabis garden, you will most likely use plant pots instead of planting directly into the ground! As such, use pots and containers that are just the right size. Oversized pots may cause too much water and nutrient intake in your plants. On the other hand, undersized ones may hinder the growth of your roots, causing your cannabis plants to not develop properly.
  7. Other various tools – Poles and ropes (for support), clippers, scissors, rakes, pH meters, thermometers, watering cans, and magnifying tools will all come in handy in your future gardens. Whether it is for maintaining plants or for cultivating new cannabis seeds, these tools are essential for successful indoor growing.

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Cultivating your cannabis seeds under extremely controlled and regulated conditions will undoubtedly bring forth healthy and potent weed buds. As such, an indoor garden seems like a great idea! There are loads of different ways to go about your indoor setups. Whether you choose a hydroponics system or a soil-based medium for growing, any method is sure to produce amazing yields!