Popular Uses for The Cloud 

Albert Howard

Popular Uses for The Cloud 

You may use the cloud as part of an everyday storage system for your personal photos and files. However you are familiar with it, the ‘cloud’ has become an integral part of everyday life for both personal use and in business.

What is The Cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is an online platform that hosts data as a third-party service. This data can be both uploaded and accessed through an internet connection. It can also be used from personal files to professional databases which require heightened privacy.

Because many items that are stored online hold such a high value, it may be worthwhile to streamline your cloud server backup with software such as Mysql backup software to avoid your data from becoming lost or misused. 

Types of Clouds

There are several different types of clouds that are frequently used.

Private. Private clouds are used mostly by a company or organisation. Private clouds are used anywhere from large scale businesses to public entities. Here data is commonly stored as encrypted files and other such secure measures.

Public. Public clouds are used for public access. Think of some popular platforms that offer data storage plans for individual use. 

Hybrid. With hybrid clouds you can find storage options for both public and private use. A hybrid cloud can offer a private option where you can keep confidential data stored securely, as well as a public cloud which offers largescale access. 

Why Businesses Choose The Cloud

Many businesses opt for cloud storage platforms to secure their data. Some reasons include:

  • It makes financial sense. 
  • It offers flexible storage options where you can increase or decrease your storage as needed. 
  • It offers premium data protection.
  • It works fast – you don’t have to wait forever to gain access to your files that are stored in the cloud.
  • Your data can be accessed anywhere.