Preparation Tips and Suggestions for Class 11 Commerce Finals

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Most people consider commerce to be a less-intricate stream in comparison with science. However, this particular notion is quite misleading and phony. Several subjects, such as Accountancy and Economics, will be pretty new and daunting to every student. Thus, if you want to get high grades in your final examination, you will need to start preparing as early as possible. Here are some additional tips on how to prepare for class 11 commerce, which can help you out in your endeavor.   

  1. Maintain a Routine 

Maintaining a proper routine is considered to be the first step of success in almost every aspect. Thus, you will need to follow one for your Class-11 preparation as well. You can create a simple-looking yet effective schedule, get up early, have a proper breakfast, and start studying. 

Or, you may also go for something more customized and intricate. But, whatever you do, be sure to sleep as early as possible. Also, you will need to avoid doing something counterproductive, such as using your phone while studying.  

It, in turn, will divert you and make you lose your focus. However, you can catch up on some small breaks (of around 15 minutes) during the study to freshen up your mind. 

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  1. Practice Sample Papers 

Like the sample papers for class 12 commerce, you can find a few practice modules for class-11 as well. So, be sure to obtain them as early as possible and start practicing the problem. In turn, it will improve your proficiency in that subject and help you finish up your paper quickly. 

You will also get a decent idea about the pattern of the exam paper of class-11 finals. So, while solving the sample papers, make sure to set up an alarm or overall time limit. This way, you will get an examination hall vibe and boost your preparation aptly. 

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  1. Do Not Try to Do Everything in a Single Day 

To get good marks, most people tend to go overboard and try to do everything at once. However, this attitude does more harm than offering any good at all. So, after waking up, you should only pick up two to three topics and try to delve deeper into them. 

If you are attempting to cover 8-10 chapters at once, it will entirely clutter your brain. This way, it will be much more difficult for you to continue studying for more than one hour. Furthermore, you will not be able to memorize anything as well. 

  1. Try to Mix Up Everything 

Reading only one type of CBSE 11th commerce books (for instance, economics) will make you feel bored and uninterested in studying. Thus, it will be better for you if you could mix and match between the subjects. 


Every subject of commerce is different from one another. Thus, you will need to give those an equal amount of time and importance to ace your examination and capture the top position’s crown! Hopefully, the previously-mentioned tips are going to help you out in this aspect!