Put Your Phone Down: A Guide to Stop Cell Phone Addiction

Rohan Mathew

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Do you find yourself moving to your phone without even thinking? Does it live on your nightstand when you sleep, just within reach? Do you carry it with you everywhere, using it whenever there’s a moment of silence or an awkward pause?

If you notice yourself becoming more and more dependent on your phone as the days pass, you’re not alone. On average, people today spend over three hours on their cell phones alone. If you’re wondering how to separate yourself from your security blanket, wondering how to stop cell phone addiction, you’re also not alone.

A cell phone can be a wonderful device, and also a crutch, an addiction, and a detriment to your life. If you fit the symptoms of cell phone addiction, you’re already on the path to correcting the problem. We’ve got some steps to help you put down your phone and break away from your bad habit.

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Use Reminders, Alerts, and Alarms

Do you respond well to tough love? When you wake up to an alarm in the morning, does it only take just one?

You can check your screen time through phone settings and certain apps. Try setting reminders to let you know when you’re going over.

Only want to spend one hour on your phone each day? You can try setting alarms and reminders telling you when it’s time to put down your phone, take a break, and go do something else.

This strategy may be effective if you’re trying to break a cell phone addiction related to unproductive apps. If you’re scrolling Instagram mindlessly for hours, or playing games that leech away your time, try these reminders to limit those activities.

If you have the self-control to follow through, these strategies can work wonders for you. However, many of us need more than a simple reminder we can swipe away to help us stop a cell phone addiction.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Another helpful habit to adopt when trying to stop using your phone so much is to put it out of your line of sight.

Do you take your phone to bed with you? Is it the first thing you see when you wake up? Leave it on the kitchen counter and utilize an alarm clock.

Have your work habits become tied to when you can take a break and look from a bigger screen to the smaller one in your pocket? Place it in a drawer on airplane mode to keep from receiving distracting notifications.

If you can’t go entirely dark in airplane mode, try turning off most notifications. Nowadays, a little buzz can make us all jump for our phones like a moth to a flame. If you can limit your exposure, you can also limit the need to check what the latest Twitter trends are just because it popped up on your lock screen.

Have you been out with friends and someone has told you to put down your phone? Have you had to ask a friend to stop staring at their device instead of listening to your story or, worse, an answer to a question they asked? We’ve all been there, and it can help to keep your phone in a pocket or bag, off the table, and out of your mind.

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Become Comfortable Slowing Down

We’ve all heard the phrase “in today’s fast-paced world” and it’s true. Things move fast, and it’s hard to deny the urge to stay on top of that, ahead of the curve, news, and trends. But if you’re reading this, you recognize a problem with constant phone attention, and not enough attention in other places.

Practice mindfulness with the need for phone use. If you want to learn how to stop cell phone addiction, you have to notice when you feel the need and why.

Are you trying to avoid conversation? Is everyone else staring at their phones, so you thought, “why not me too?”

You can use your phone for a lot of useful things, but it is unlikely to bring you clarity and peace of mind. Try taking a few breathes and noticing your surroundings, the sights, and sounds of the space you’re in. Use your own perceptive skills instead of being trapped by your screen all day.

Take a break. Go for a walk. Notice the people around you and what you might not have seen if you hadn’t looked up.

It may not be easy to kick the habit and put down your phone, but it can improve your life and the lives of those around you.

How to Stop Cell Phone Addiction With Replacement

This guide is not a suggestion to throw away your phone and move to a remote cabin off the grid. This is how to stop cell phone addiction, so what are you actually addicted to on your phone?

If you’re constantly playing games, are you willing to try and delete some of them?

Are you trying to read books on your phone but get distracted by other apps? Start bringing a physical book with you on your journey. You don’t need to read a book on your phone.

If there are apps replacing everyday activities, try to return to those, and enjoy them screen-free again.

You also don’t have to get rid of all phone uses. When communicating with faraway friends and family, planning an event, or booking a trip, you may need certain apps, and will definitely want the best phone service to help you live your life, without cell phone addiction.

Keep Your Phone Without the Addiction

A phone has become near a necessity. Rarely is someone found with a home phone, but you use a cell phone number to receive all your important news, whether that is an update on a job, news about a loved one, or more.

Now armed with the knowledge of how to stop cell phone addiction, you should be able to use your phone for these crucial purposes without feeling chained to it.

Your phone, once it is no longer a burden, should be a tool to ease your day-to-day, and even provide joy. Trying to break a cell phone addiction isn’t easy, but it’s a good thing to get under control.

If you found these tips helpful to your life, check out other blog posts to find more advice and answers.