Quick & dependable appliance repair in Regina

Rohan Mathew

For the last 25 years, Appliance Repair Expert has been delivering services in Regina. We have built and maintained relationships with numerous pleased clients who refer us to others since the company’s inception. But why do people choose us? 

  1. All services are available at reasonable pricing;
  2. Any domestic appliance will be repaired quickly;
  3. Our artisans are highly competent and have extensive experience;
  4. Genuine spare parts and components are available;
  5. Regular clients receive discounts.

What kind of appliances do our service specialists fix?

Washers. These devices, like any other equipment, can break down.  If the reason of occurrence of a malfunction is not clear and the owner cannot cope with the problem independently, it is necessary to address for the help to our service center where will select necessary spare parts or will replace the spoiled details if necessary. Contact us if your washing machine leaks, won’t turn on, or makes noise. Our professionals can assist you with any broken appliance issue.

Dishwashers. Our Regina appliance repair firm provides complete services for all dishwasher types, from basic to complicated. Masters of our service will carry out preventive and repair work on the dishwasher, not performing its functions due to improper use or serious impact, and quality advice to help avoid repeated repairs. The appliance may usually be fixed in one visit.

Dryers. The most common dryer faults include strong drum vibration, uneven rotation, and stoppage during operation. Our experts have years of expertise and are prepared to fix any problem! By taking advantage of Appliance Repair Expert, you will receive prompt assistance with any brand of dryer repair.

Refrigerators. Refrigerator by right can be considered the most necessary appliance for home use, so its failure brings a lot of trouble. This household appliance has a complicated construction, and many people just elect to replace it if it breaks down. However, buying a new refrigerator is expensive, and in most circumstances, it is more cost-effective to have the repairs done by specialists. When you choose our firm, you can be assured that your appliances will be serviced quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Ovens. Attempting to fix the problem yourself can lead to serious problems, as a result of which the electric stove may not be repairable. If you are not confident in your own abilities and are afraid to aggravate the situation, contact the masters of the service center. Our specialists are experienced with the architecture of all oven brands, allowing them to fix even the most difficult problems.

You risk making the matter worse by attempting to fix your device yourself, led by the counsel of friends or tips obtained on the Internet. It will be considerably more expensive to correct your errors than to repair the original failure. As a result, we always advise you to seek expert help. In a couple of hours, Appliance Repair Expert specialists will resolve the issue!


Contact professionals, companies that have good reviews from their customers. When making a request, describe in detail the problem that was detected in the operation of your device.