Quick Meal Ideas for Business Catering in Sydney

Rohan Mathew

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In Sydney and Australia, business catering is a booming market cashing in almost $4.2 billion. Many customers are starting to opt for food retailers and restaurants. This is not limited to the day to day visits. Even for social events, business parties, and house parties, professional caterers are a perfect fit.

Business caterers can offer customised menus according to the needs of the clients. It can include breakfast catering, buffet style, boardroom style. Lunch catering in Sydney has been gaining popularity in recent times.

Drawing up a proper menu is a huge task and will depend on the style, taste, and event the business hosts. Here are a few quick meal ideas you can draw inspiration from:


Meat Pies

Juggling the meat pie is the most Australian trait one can not overlook. This bite-sized hot meat and crispy pastry with tomato sauce can always win. Meat pies can be one of the best choices for lunch catering in Sydney. No event or party will be the same without this recipe on the menu.

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If there is a BBQ menu on the catering service, shrimps and prawns will make the day. The classic barbecued king prawns with a dash of lime is a great choice. You can also serve cocktails in a martini glass. But, don’t choose just any cocktail; go for the retro prawn cocktail.

Along with shrimps, you can also add in tender lamb, beef, and other seafood to make the catering service memorable. 

Sausage Sanga

The easy-peasy sausage sandwich can also be a part of your menu for lunch catering in Sydney. A few onions on the grill, butter, tomato sauce, and a few slices of white bread is all it takes. Another advantage is you can make it a BBQ stand and serve the sandwiches without much hassle.


Did you know Sydney is also known as the Desert Capital of Australia due to the variety of sweet treats it offers? From Bourke Street’s chocolate cakes to Petersham’s custard tart, you have endless options to try. So, include a sweet delight in your catering menu from options like:


Though not a traditional Australian dish, Pavlova has been best adopted by Kiwis taste buds. The sticky, crunchy meringue base with the best summer fruits and loads of cream can be the best sweet dish to serve.

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Caramel Slice

A dense base made of biscuit with a thick layer of caramel filled with butter and topped with a chocolate spread. Tempting, right? Caramel slices are a classic and rich Australian recipe and are a great choice when it comes to catering menus.

ANZAC Biscuits

Eat them raw or dunk it in your tea; ANZAC biscuits can be made in batches and served during the service. They are made with oats, butter, syrup, and sugar. If you add this to your menu, it will bring a feeling of home to those who indulge in it.

Lamington and Fairy Bread

Who will say no to White bread and tons of butter? You simply cannot refrain from adding Fairy Bread to your table. A fair number of a crowd will have a sweet tooth. You can satisfy them by serving Lamingtons. They can take it as a dessert or a starter but don’t forget to add it to your menu. Remember, you can make them in batches and serve them readily.

Business catering can be a tough job if you have not planned it well. But with the right menu and a good team, you can satisfy the taste buds of many.