Reasons why collecting medals and medallions are a good hobby

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People around the world have different hobbies. Some are into sports, some are exploring nature, and some are collecting stones, coins, tokens, medals, and medallions. Yes! You read it right; some people are collecting historical medals and medallions. Now, if you wonder, how do they get them? There are some dealers, antique shops, and even online shops where you can find medals for sale.

Are you a new collector or just curious if collecting medals and medallions (also known as Numismatics) is a good hobby? Here are some good reasons that yes, it is.

In nature, several popular pastimes are only available during specific seasons. There are a variety of outdoor activities to choose from, many of which are contingent on favorable weather conditions. Having nothing to do when you’re stuck indoors because your regular go-to activity isn’t available. If you are prone to the winter depression, having a hobby that is not bound to the warmer months may be an excellent way to keep yourself busy throughout the colder months.

  • Learn more about history

There’s a reason why numismatics is considered one of the oldest hobbies on the planet. Coins and medals provide information about a civilization by designating a specific point in time! If you’re a history enthusiast, you’ll enjoy making the connections between these small metal objects and more significant events in our world. The history of medals, in and of itself, can be fascinating. Finding out about fresh historical discoveries is a massive part of the enjoyment of this activity, and you’ll be continuously learning new things.

  • Possibility of forming friendships with like-minded folks

On the surface, it appears that we are discussing a solitary pastime. However, we are not. On the other hand, Numismatics or collectors are like a separate and exclusive group. Being a part of a group of people who share your values may be quite rewarding. Other collectors may be interested in hearing about your discoveries; that is one of the primary reasons for collecting!

You may connect with other numismatists online, or even better, find a local group or attend a convention of the American Numismatic Association to meet in person. If you make a new purchase, the other numismatics will be delighted to hear about it, and you will all be able to learn from one another. Meeting other people interested in the same things as you is one of the most important benefits of the pastime.

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  • Lifelong hobby

Collectors have no age restrictions and are far from being a dying hobby! Your medals and medallions collection will continue to expand as you do. It’s fascinating to look back on your collection years later and see all the riches you’ve amassed! There’s no need to be concerned about growing out of this hobby as your knowledge and relationships in the medals and medallions collecting world will only grow with time.

Summing up

Numismatics is playing a huge role in preserving history. It is one of the hobbies that is a good pastime, but you can also pass your collection to your coming generations.

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