Reasons Why Email Privacy is Important for Businesses in 2021!

Rohan Mathew

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If your email security solution is not adequately protecting your company, you might be a part of this increasing number of organizations that have had costly security breaches. Gartner estimates there were 2 million and 3 million successful ransomware strikes in 2016 and that the frequency will probably double year over year by 2019.

That’s why it might be in the very best interest to convince your boss to upgrade your email safety.

  • Reason 1: Email is now the most typical IT security hazard for organizations

According to the SANS Cyber Security poll, an estimated 75 percent of recognized, impactful threats were originally entered via email attachments, and 46 percent of all attacks have been executed by users clicking internet hyperlinks in an email.

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  • Reason 2: Email-based attacks affect the entire organization

On account of the continued prevalence of email, a harmful email that slips through your protection may wreak havoc throughout your company. All workers are affected by a phishing email, with banks, carriers, or discussing solutions brands name to lure them. It may seriously harm your business, especially if ransomware effectively retains your business information and systems hostage.

  • Reason 3: Basic email filters aren’t enough

Hackers are increasingly sophisticated methods to circumvent email security systems, such as redirecting fantastic URL addresses to phishing URLs. The developing challenge is for organizations to make certain they have the ideal email defenses set up to discover and stop innovative threats. Often, added layers of email protection are needed in addition to base email security.

As Gartner notes from the critical Findings Gartner marketplace manual, May 2017, “sophisticated dangers are easily copying the signature-based and reputation-based prevention mechanisms for email security. (We recommend organizations) supplement gaps in the advanced threat defense capabilities of a professional SEG by adding a technical merchandise tailored to this goal…”

  • Reason 4: Email-based risks are evolving and increasing, placing more organizations at risk every year.

With email as the most important entry point for cyber thieves, companies must ensure their email security shields them from new and evolving threats. New predictive email security guards are assisting organizations that significantly improve their email safety.

According to Wired, roughly 91 percent of hacking attacks begin with a phishing or spear-phishing attempt. Yet, a successful email security system can quickly identify and block spear phishing efforts, which can greatly decrease your risk of a serious violation.

  • Reason 5: Your email protection filter catches known dangers

Most email defense systems aren’t predictive but rather reactive. The most sophisticated cloud email security now is predictive in that they reinforce standard signature-based and anti-spam capabilities with contextual review and spoof and anomaly detection. This is accomplished by amassing comprehensive threat intelligence databases globally and utilizing Artificial intelligence (AI), heuristics, and machine learning for real-time evaluation of suspicious emails, attachments, and URLs, which can quickly evade a conventional SEG.

Using a global analysis of fingerprint and reputational elements, new email security technologies match existing email security by combining local and global research. International evaluation of email and email-borne threats allows learning from the past to forecast the near future. The Demand for Complementary Solutions Backed by Artificial Intelligence

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  • Reason 6: Your Job May Depend On It

Cyber breaches not only influence an organization’s pocketbook and standing but could also an individual’s livelihood. IT security employees, C-level executives, and even employees who open up malicious emails could be blamed for a cyber breach and finally fired.

  • Jumping to Conclusion

Having a robust, effective email protection solution has been a necessity for most businesses today. Every company should protect themselves, their clients’ and their employees’ sensitive personal identifying information. Not doing this can amount to some costly violation that could wreak havoc on a company, resulting in lost cash, ruined reputation, and a succession of layoffs. Checkout our friends at Letter tryna help every kind of businesses with the safest and most encrypted email hosting solutions for the most attractive pricing! Give it a check already!