Reinventing Your Living Space: 7 Timeless Home Color Scheme Ideas

Rohan Mathew

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There’s nothing like changing the color combinations in your home to create a whole new atmosphere, and if you take the time to pick the right tones, the final result will be incredibly visually striking.

The problem is, knowing which colors go with which can be a bit tricky for the average Joe – and that’s exactly why we wrote this article.

Keep reading to discover seven winning home color scheme ideas!

  1. Monochromatic

Going with a monochromatic palette, meaning, a palette with different tones of the same color, is always an elegant choice.

If you want to make it a bit more exciting, you can always pick a statement piece in another color to break it off.

  1. Black and White

Black and white are polar opposites, and we know that decorating an entire room in this color combination might sound weird at first.

However, the secret is in finding the balance between these two highly contrasting colors, as well as playing with different textures and patterns.

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  1. Royal Blue and Gold

If you want a specific room to look luxurious, going for a royal blue and gold combination is the way to go.

Our tip is that you keep the walls white, choose a big piece for the blue (such as the sofa in the living room or the bed covers in the bedroom), and then complement that with smaller gold items.

  1. Mint and Light Grey

Going for pale tones is a great way of making a room look fresh and relaxing, yet modern.

The mint and grey combo will work great for your kitchen, especially if you have metal equipment, as it will automatically match.

However, this is also a fantastic choice for a bathroom!

  1. Brick and Teal

Cozy and inviting: that’s the type of atmosphere you’ll be able to create by using a mix of brick and teal in your decor.

We’d say this palette works particularly well for living rooms, dining rooms, and even home offices.

If you feel like it’s a bit too dark, simply throw in a white or cream statement piece.

  1. Plum and Peach

Purple and orange might sound like an extravagant combination and, well, it is.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t work!

If you want to go all out, we suggest hiring a professional team like Majestic Painters to paint the walls plum and then, adding peach (and other warm-colored) pieces to the room.

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  1. Baby Blue and Pink

From vibrant to pale and soft: our last home color palette idea is a mix of baby blue and baby pink.

This combo is great if you’re going for an eclectic vibe and it can work for pretty much any room.

Which Home Color Scheme Will You Pick?

There are beautiful color combinations for all tastes and styles, and the main question you have to ask yourself when choosing a home color scheme is, “What kind of vibe do I want my place to have?”.

We’re sure you’ll be more than thrilled with your final decision!

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