Rekeying Locks For A Better Home Security

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Rekeying Locks For A Better Home Security

We Are Going To Discuss Rekeying Locks for a Better Home Security In This Article.

If you own the property house you’re currently living in, you should know about the number of copies of your key. If you aren’t aware, maybe it’s time to take home security more seriously.

From a different perspective, suppose, you need 3 different keys all the time to be present in your pocket for the front, back, and kitchen door entrances. Did you ever wish there was a single key that could open all the locks? For both cases, we have answers that include rekeying locks for what it’s worth.

What Exactly Is Rekeying Locks?

Rekeying Locks for a Better Home Security

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the keyway, where you insert the key and twist it? Inside doorknobs, there are lock cylinders with springs and pins of certain shapes. These make the keyway and hence the key to turn in and open what you are trying to open. How these are positioned, and the groove of your keys together make it possible to unlock the keyway.

So, when we are telling you to rekey your locks, in the first case, it means removing the existing pins and springs of the main door and getting them made following a new key. In the second case, it means to have all those removed in all the three doors and make it following one new key. In that way, the same key can open the three doors.

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Why Should You Rekey?

We have already given you 2 good reasons. One is, to increase the security of your household. If you are forgetful and you think more than three copies of your key exists, that you gave to yourself, your wife and your child, there’s trouble. It may happen that any of them lost the key, and hence you’re worried about the security. Then too, you may think of rekeying.

Another important consideration is convenience. To have one key that opens all three doors of entrance to your home is very time-saving. Also, in an emergency, you will not have to hunt through all the keys in your keyring to find the right key for the door in question.

Again, if you let residents into your home, as a landlord, it becomes your duty to rekey locks every time a new one gets in.

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Replace or Rekey?

For lost keys, it is better to replace than rekey the lock.

Again, if you have a worn-out, damaged lock, then rekeying it will hardly be of use. It is better to replace it.

Lastly, if you have locks of different brands on your different doors, then you can’t rekey. First, you will need to make all the locks of all the doors the same. Only then can you think of rekeying the same brand locks to get a single key made for all 3 of them.

How to Rekey?

You can try rekeying by 3 different methods:

  1. Take the locking knob with the key that opens it to a locksmith
  2. Call in the locksmith
  3. Purchase a Rekey Kit and do it yourself.

If you want to do it yourself:

  1. First, remove the doorknob with a wire tool (that you will find in the kit).
  2. Remove the knob sleeve with a gentle push and bring out the lock cylinder.
  3. Take the retainer ring off the cylinder.
  4. With the old key, remove the cylinder plug with all its springs and pins, making sure that none of them fall apart.
  5. One it is safely out, ditches the old pins and replaces them with new ones. Match them according to the color of the holes.
  6. Reverse all steps, and you should have rekeyed a lock!


Rekeying locks is a pretty good thing to learn if you have a knack at it. However, if you think you completely messed up home security, call in a locksmith immediately. But if you want to try it out with the kit, try first on a door inside the house than trying on the main entrance first.

We Successfully Discussed Rekeying Locks for a Better Home Security