Relocating without a job; here’s how to make it easy

Rohan Mathew

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Moving to another place without having a job can be a very challenging and stressful situation. This event becomes even more stressful when you are tight on your budget. Though moving without a job is difficult but surely not impossible. Here we present some tips from reputed cross country moving companies to make your interstate move easier even without a job.

Know Your Expenses and Finances

When you are moving without a job in your hand, it is pretty obvious that you will be relying on your savings. So, it makes sense to know your finances in detail. Make sure you create a proper budget and list every single expense in it including house rent, utilities, loans if any, transportation, and food. This will help you in deciding how long can you survive without a job. You should have enough finances to cover your living expenses for three months at least.

Decreased Costs

While relocating to a bigger city means availability of numerous jobs but it also means increased cost of living. Decreasing your costs is a must when you are moving to a new place. Try to relocate to a place where you can get some initial support, for example, you can consider moving to your hometown and can stay with your parents you get a job.

Another good way of decreasing your costs is to declutter your house. This will help you in reducing your moving charges to a great extent. A long list of belongings means an increased moving expense. Also, make sure that you have informed your relocation company about the moving date well in advance as last-minute moves cost much higher than planned moves.

Look for Affordable Housing Options

Reducing your cost of living is one of the best solutions to stay within your budget. The idea of moving into a smaller house may not sound very interesting but this can save a lot of money. Looking for affordable housing options is a wise decision especially when you are relocating without a job. You can opt for places with lower utility costs or can even choose to live in shared spaces. If you are a private kind of person, you can opt for shared apartments and not shared rooms. The concept of co-living spaces doesn’t only help you in keeping your expenses low but also helps you in making friends at an altogether new place.

Research Job Market Opportunities

No matter what your reasons for moving are, moving without a plan is not a good idea. Research the job market of the city you are planning to move to. You can keep the following points in mind to have a stress-free start of the plan:

Explore and Choose the Right Place

It is highly advisable to explore and research the job market of the place that you are planning to move to. Researching is a must to grab a job quickly and also it will help you in finding the highest paid jobs that match your qualifications and skills.

Create a List of Best Employers

Make a list of the best job opportunities and the employers that you are willing to work with. Now, send all of them your CV with an effective cover letter. This practice should be done before moving to another state and you never know that you get a job even before moving.


We all know that LinkedIn is the most sought-after and effective way of getting in touch with potential employers. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and use all your LinkedIn connections in the best possible way to find a suitable job opportunity.

Alternate Job Options

Don’t lose heart if you do not get a job immediately after the move. Check out alternate job opportunities by finding some remote work. Look for some platforms like Upwork and for new job works that can be done remotely. Working remotely will at least cover your basic monthly expenses before you find a permanent job.

Make Contacts

It is a must to have someone to talk to and create contacts with at your new place. Moving to a faraway location without having your family and friends around that too without money will be mentally exhausting and can being in depression.  So to avoid any such situation, the first thing you should do is to make contacts in your new neighbourhood. You can even consider signing up for some hobby classes of your choice or organizations that you would like to work with.

You can also use the power of social media. Post about your move on your social media pages and you will be surprised with the results as many of your friends’ friends will be happy to see you in their area and you will find new friends in no time. Staying active on social media will also give you a feeling of being connected with your family and friends regularly.

Staying in touch with your old and new group of friends and colleagues will get you new opportunities. Join the social media pages of your city to get aware of all the city-happenings and this will create a feeling of belongingness to the place. Certain city pages also post local job opportunities on their pages.

Some states even provide an incentive if you relocate there as these states are facing problems like lack of workforce and permanent residents. Make sure you research about such states where these government-supported programs are still active.

Relocating without a job can be burdensome but not unthinkable. You just need to work upon the possibilities and do the research work properly and you can start afresh and have a new career at your favourite new place.