Roofing Varieties and Their Costs

Rohan Mathew

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Today, the sheer variety of selections to decide on is staggering. We’ve got done all the analysis to help you to decide on the foremost effective roofing materials for your needs.

First, let’s re-examine diagonal roofing selections thus discuss those acceptable for flat roofs. For each, we tend to area unit reaching to target installation costs, durability, longevity, energy efficiency, almost like aesthetics.

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Metal Shingles:

Metal roof shingles offer an associate unbeatable combination of ancient vogue and exceptional strength. They replicate the appearance of classic shingle roofing, whereas supply you with all the strength and longevity you’d expect from metal. You’ll purchase them in an associate extremely good selection of colors, which they’re used on nearly any roof kind. For example, in Seargent Roofing has most economical Edmonton Roofing Cost

What makes this one of the foremost effective roofing selections is premium protection against inclement weather. Most brand’s units of measurement absolute to resist winds of up to at least one hundred twenty miles per hour and have a high impact resistance rating. This makes them ideal if you reside in an exceeding vicinity in danger of hail or sturdy thunderstorms.


A metal roofing might be a premium product and as a result, ‘s dearer than regular asphalt shingles. You’ll be able to expect to pay $7-9 / sq.-ft.

Architectural shingles:

If you have got your heart assault a classic making an attempt exterior, you need to place confidence in fine arts shingles. this is {often|this can be} often a superb roof for house owners World Health Organization wants the foremost effective value. they seem higher and last longer, area unit thicker, have a further dramatic texture, and area unit of upper quality than commonplace three-tab shingles.

Architectural merchandise is as versatile as commonplace ones, fitting in fabulously with a decent array of home styles. However, their higher strength ratings and stronger aesthetic attractiveness set them apart. From trendy homes to a house and Victorian styles, nearly Associate in rest home area unit typically elevated with associate investment in higher-end shingles.

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All these further blessings go alongside a stronger tag than 3-tab shingles. You’ll be able to expect to pay $3.5-6.00 / sq.-ft. the last word value depends on product kind (basic or premium) and your geographic location. Renovative find is an example of greatest Edmonton Roofing Cost in Canada.

Clay tile:

If the romantic look of European roof scopes appeals to your sensibilities, clay tiles may even be merely the because of adding some ability to your residence. It usually connected with Spanish Mission, Italian, yank Southwestern, and Mediterranean-inspired style, but could also be a beautiful chance for extra stylish homes.

High condition, extreme weather, hearth, and bug activity are no match for the durability of a clay roof. The NAHB and NACHI rate it with a period of over one hundred years. Most varieties will survive every various section of the roof. Moreover, their natural thermal resistance and so the methodology of installation makes them a strong rival for inexperienced, energy-efficient buildings.


When you begin the observance of the analysis, you’ll understand that clay tile is one of the foremost expensive roofing selections on the market. Expect to pay a minimum of $12-18 / sq. – ft.

Standing seam:

When does one think about a metal roofing square measure you imagining vertical panels with distinguished seams running upwards to the peak of the roof? If thus, you’re imaging a standing seam roof. it had been once used primarily for agricultural and industrial buildings. However, today standing seam is quickly becoming modern among residential builders.

It is equally suited to extremist modern subject styles with industrial influences as a result of its rustic cabins and farmhouses. It a decent variety for roofs with a stronger pitch, but might gift problems at a pitch of 2:12 or less.

If you reside in an exceedingly region prone to high levels of a violent storm, a standing seam may even be the foremost effective chance at your disposal. It offers superior snow-shedding capabilities because of the flat panel and vertical seams, which allow snow to slide merely down the roof


Though this material is becoming further modern every passing year, the restricted form of qualified contractors interprets to higher installation costs. You’ll be able to expect to pay $7-13 / sq.ft.