Room Coolers – How to Clean and Get the Best out of Air coolers this Summer

Rohan Mathew

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Summers are particularly challenging because of the high temperatures, which make it increasingly difficult to remain calm and relaxed. Air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular, yet many houses continue to use air coolers even though they are no longer necessary. And why not, air coolers claim a slew of compelling arguments for why they should be preferred over air conditioners. 

A major improvement has been made to the mechanism of personal coolers in recent years, while their overall size has been decreased by a significant amount. The fundamental principle of natural evaporative cooling, on the other hand, has not changed. The evaporative cooling principle is essentially the process of drawing hot air into an air-cooler and passing it through wet wood wool or honeycomb pads to cool it down. So, now that you have mastered the foundations of air-conditioning, follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your air-conditioning system operates more efficiently during this horrible summer season.

The ability to effectively cool a room is dependent on the amount of ventilation available. 

In contrast to air conditioners, air-coolers perform best in an environment that is well ventilated. For room coolers to function properly, they must have a constant flow of air coming in. Furthermore, adequate ventilation is required to expel the humidity from the room as necessary.

Position your air-conditioning unit in front of the window. 

Again, because we know that air-coolers operate on the concept of evaporative cooling, the more hot air that gets into the cooler, the faster the evaporation will occur, and you will only obtain cooler air. Once you’ve placed the cooler in front of the window, you can move the window slightly to the left or right to improve cooling.

Add a chill pill to your regimen for incredible cooling. 

After filling the water tank of our air conditioners, we almost always utilize them. In terms of cooling, adding a few cubes of ice to the water can make a significant difference. Some coolers now include dedicated ice sections, which is a welcome addition. Adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, which leads to cooler air being expelled from the system.

Before utilizing the air-cooler, make sure it has been well cleaned. 

After unpacking your air-cooler for the season, the first and most important thing you should do is to thoroughly clean the cooling pads. In the meantime, dust and pollen have gathered on them. If they are in extremely poor condition, it is preferable to replace them. Second, you must thoroughly clean the water tank and check for leaks before proceeding. Another tip is to run a fast swipe over the fan blades to help increase the efficiency of the air-conditioner. Visit here to know about walk in cooler manufacturers

Handle with care if you want to benefit from long-term cooling. 

Moving air-coolers on uneven platforms, dragging them while they are running, and tampering with the rotary blades can all be dangerous and cause air-coolers to wear out more quickly. It is usually preferable to handle them with caution if you want to experience long-term cooling benefits.

Preparing the cooling pads by soaking them in water before using them.

 Maintain immediate cooling by allowing the pump to run while you fill the water tank with water. Because the water will be circulated through the cooling pads by the pump, they will be saturated in advance. Once the tank is filled, you can turn on the fan to enjoy the cooled air that has been created.

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