Why “Sarkari Naukri” is the most preferred job in India?

Rohan Mathew

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Sarkari Naukri is always the most preferred job in India whether it is the good old times or in the current scenarios. We Indians have the tendency to see the positive sides of things very quickly. That is the reason why we are so much bent over the urge of getting employed with the government. Here are the few perks that attract youngsters to get into public sectors:

White Collar Job

Sarkari Naukri means white-collar job, you are being respected in society. People look up to you as a powerful person in the eyes of society. Think like this there are two persons one is a general manager with an MNC has a good pay-off, 20 people work under him. And there is a clerk with a PSU, he is a junior clerk works under 5 people with an average salary package. What do you think? Who will be more appropriately received by society? Obviously, the clerk even though he is a junior clerk but he works with the government. He has these brownie points owing to his employer that is the government.

Job Security

Job security is the freebie that comes attached as soon as you are hired by a public office. Take the example of the current scenario, the world is a fighting coronavirus, every 2nd job is under threat. There are numerous lay-offs undertaken by the private companies. But even in these tough times who are living a secured life? A public servant he knows no matter what happens as soon as the country lives there is no threat to his employment. He will keep receiving his salary even if the lockdown sustains for 6 months, he does not have to go out and look for other jobs.

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Attractive Pensions

They say “Old Age is the biggest enemy of any person”. Why? Because you tend to become weak surrounded by a lot of diseases. In this age what a person wants a relaxed retired life. And government job or Sarkari Naukri is capable of giving you all of these. They have very good pension plans for their employees which is activated once a person joins his job. The small investments made by him and his employer during his job tenure benefit him and his family in his old age.

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You are your own boss!

This is the second popular benefit that lures candidates into Sarkari Naukri. In today’s generation, nobody wants to get work under someone we like to work on our terms and conditions. This dream of a candidate is fulfilled by the government offices where they are not bossed around by someone. They work at their own time, at their own terms and conditions and nobody can pressurize them for anything.

Additional perks

Apart from all of the mentioned things, there are also certain additional perks that come with Sarkari Naukri. The public servants are subjected to a lot of perks such as House Rent Allowance, Special Pay, Meal Coupons, Travel Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, etc. All of

these allowances add up to form the final salary of the employee thus making it hefty.

Foreign Posting

There are jobs under certain PSUs which offer postings in foreign locations. Although some of the postings can be hard majorly if you are posted in locations that are tensed. But apart from it if you are lucky enough to get a job location in posh countries then won’t it be like a vacation on government expenses.