Score 90% Marks In Class 10 English

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Score 90% Marks In Class 10 English

English is considered the most important subject that students cannot ignore. If you really want to score high you must have a good command of the language. English grammar is the most potential topic which can fetch you marks. It is just like mathematics if you are right it is a full mark and if it is wrong you end up losing the marks.

Class 10 Syllabus in English.

The class 10 English has two books that are The First Flight and a Supplement Reader Footprints without Feet.

The Grammar topics are quite vast in class 10.

There is a total number of  11 chapters and the poem are 10.

The Supplement reader has 10 Chapters.

The chapters are:

  1.  A Triumph of Surgery.
  2. The Thief’s Story.
  3.  The Midnight Visitor.
  4.  A Question of Trust.
  5.  Footprints Without Feet.
  6. Making of a Scientist.
  7.  The Necklace.
  8.  The Hack Driver.
  9.  Bholi
  10.  The Book that Saved The Earth.

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The chapters in The First Flight are:

  1. A letter to God.
  2.  Nelson Mandela.
  3. Two Stories about Flying.
  4.  From The Diary of Ann Frank.
  5.  The Hundred Dresses-I.
  6.  The Hundred Dresses-II.
  7.  Glimpses of India.
  8.  Mijbil The Otter.
  9.  Madam Rides The Bus.
  10. The Sermon at Banaras.
  11. The Proposal.

The poems are:

  1.  Dust of Snow.
  2. Fire and Ice.
  3.  A Tiger in the Zoo.
  4. How to Tell Wild Animals.
  5.  The Ball, Amanda.
  6.  Animals the Trees.
  7.  Fog.
  8.  The Tale of Custard The Dragon.
  9.  For Anne Gregory.

The Grammar topics are

  1.  Modals.
  2. Tenses.
  3. Subject-Verb Concord.
  4. Reported Speech.
  5. Commands and Requests.
  6. Statements, Questions.
  7. Determiners.
  8. Letter writing.

Marking scheme of the sections. 

The class 10th English has four parts A, B, C, and D which carry 20 marks each.

The comprehension, Unseen Passages are included in Section A where the students have to answer the questions correctly. This section is to test the comprehension skills of the students. 

Writing a letter, article and essays are included in Section B 

Section C is about grammar which comprises the topics like Tenses, Punctuation, Synonyms, Translation, etc.

Section D includes Literature and poems where the questions will be asked based on the chapter and the poems.

Class 10 English is on different parts such as literature, supplementary, grammar, and writing skills. In the literature and supplementary section, students have to learn questions and answers whereas in the Grammar and writing section students have to learn the basics of grammatical precepts and vocabulary. Once the students start their preparation with focus and dedication it is not difficult to score high in the exam.

Tips to score 90% in English

Practice regularly writing paragraphs and answers. This helps in reducing grammatical mistakes.

While reading the chapter make a note of new words and phrases and their meanings. Once you know the meaning you can use this correctly while writing the answers.

Make a habit of reading loudly. When you read aloud you grasp the words and the sentences better.

Make a note of the authors and the poets of each chapter sometimes you will be asked questions on these topics.

Reading the chapter once might not gain a full understanding. You can read again so can get the concepts and the storyline in a comprehensive way.

NCERT solutions can be the best guide for the preparation where you can get a well-planned practice exercise so you have a perfect preparation.

Schedule the time for each section and focus with full dedication.

Revise every day whatever you have studied previously. Make sure you practise writing and reading on a daily basis.

Once you have completed the chapters try to solve the previous years’ question paper. This will give you an idea about the exam pattern and the various types of questions asked. You will also learn time management skills which are very important.

Focus on grammar and practise writing the answers in the right format and grammatically correct method. This can be achieved and can be excelled with practice. 

The following tips can be very helpful to score a high score in the class 10 English examination.

You can refer to NCERT solutions for the details of the chapter.

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Effective study tips to be followed routinely.

  1. Make a study timetable which can be followed regularly and systematically.
  2. Don’t make too many topics in a day as you will not be able to be perfect in all.
  3. Dedicate a specific place and time for the studies.
  4. Know your strength and weakness.
  5. Practice more on your weak points.
  6. Focus on Grammar.
  7. Take study breaks in between.
  8. Have proper sleep and a healthy diet.
  9. Always be positive.

Benefits of studying through NCERT solutions.

  1. Your textbook is your first point to learn and understand the chapters. Along with the textbook, it becomes easier if you refer to the NCERT solutions. Sometimes you might not understand the chapter so thoroughly but if you are reading the explanation in NCERT the concepts get cleared and the storyline can be interpreted perfectly. This further will make it easier when you write the answers.
  2. The syllabus is as per the CBSE curriculum and prepared by the experts after abundant research. This is always advantageous as the students need not have a dual mind thinking if they are on the right track or if the answers given are appropriate or not. They can rely on these solutions and prepare in a very comprehensive way. This will also save them time.
  3. The extra questions, sample question papers, and the previous years’ question papers are given very precisely so that the students will not be left behind in any section during the preparation.
  4. Students can take the help of the NCERT to prepare the notes and also for the revision especially during the exams. You cannot just revise through the text during the exam as this will consume lots of time. The NCERT solutions are so well-defined that you can revise the whole book in a short time.

For more details, you can refer to NCERT Class 10 English Book Footprints without Feet.

The tips and the methods are never complex but if it is not followed appropriately then anything will be complicated and ends up with stress and pressure. So stay calm and prepare every day. You can really enjoy the learning sessions.