Secret Techniques To Be The Best At Beyblades

Rohan Mathew

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Everyone thinks that you need the best Beyblade in the world if you want to upbeat a game, but no, it is not all. Having the best Beyblade is somehow significant, but the thing that matters the most is how you play it. Playing Beyblades is pretty tricky, and if you want to be the best at it, you need to learn some secret tips and techniques to bring out your best on the battlefield. You may be wondering about choosing the best Beyblade in the world and what might be the secret techniques to bring out your best on the battlefield. Right? Do not worry because I am here to rescue you from this stress, so here we go!

How To Pick The Best Beyblade In The World? 

Before moving towards the techniques, you must know how to pick up a Beyblade and what are the considerations to own the best Beyblade in the world. The market is crowded with various Beyblades having different designs, colors, functions, performances, capacity, price, and whatnot, and you have to choose the best one from a wide range of options. So, let us see which things to be considered before making a purchase on the best Beyblades.

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Decide The Type Of Beyblade

There are four types of Beyblades, including defense, attack, balance, and stamina; decide on your compatible type. Every type of Beyblades has its pros and cons, but if you are pro in operating any of these types, do not go any alternative.

If your opponent has an attack-type Beyblade, know that defense-type Beyblade can beat it efficiently even if these beys have minimal spin. When it comes to Beyblades’ most proficient type, these always attack Beys as they are considered the most sturdy and durable ones. Balance Beyblades are mostly considered the best and most suitable Beys as they are all-rounders, and you can easily play them on any battlefield. If you are looking for a Beyblade that can beat defense Beys, you will probably look for a stamina-type Beyblade because it possesses an ultimate efficiency in the Beystadium.

Pick The Best Type Of Launcher 

Launchers are typically classified into two categories, including Ripcord launcher and String launcher. It is the most critical type regarding the Ripcord launcher, and they work when you pull out the ripcord. All the while, the string launcher utilizes a drawstring to deliver a more intense power with higher quantities of turn. Thus, if you pick a spin launcher, you should realize that defense Beyblades will work with more excellent solidness, and stamina Beyblades will turn for a significantly more broadened period.

Shape Of Beystadium 

The arena where matches of Beyblades take place is known as Beystadium. This battlefield works more like plastic trays and is designed in different shapes. You need to understand your stadium’s nature before buying a Beyblade because Beyblade’s performance is very much dependent on the shape of the battlefield.

Secret Techniques To Be The Best At Beyblades 

Even operating the best Beyblade in the world requires some secret techniques to be applied to give an incredible performance in the Beystadium. For your feasibility, I have prepared a list of some tips that are as follow:

Read The Instructions Carefully 

You must understand your Beyblade at the best as it can help you in launching the most appropriate angles and how to attack in specific situations that work excellent for that particular Beyblade. So, never miss reading the instruction materials coming with your Bey.

Launching speed 

If you are playing the Beyblades for defense, pull out the ripcord of the launcher as fast and hard as you can. This sturdiness provides your Beyblade with sufficient power to bear multiple attacks and damages the opponent Beyblade in return.

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Observe Your Opponent’s Techniques 

If you want to play the best Beyblades for a longer span, you must be aware of your opponent’s techniques. Check the type of Beyblade they are using and then make a strategy to counterattack. Also, keep a check on their launching angles so that you can hit them where it is hard to withstand the damage.

Be Unpredictable To Your Opponent 

Know that if you are watching your opponent’s type and strategies, he is also keeping a focus on yours. You must be unpredictable on the battlefield. Do not attack as your opponent expects and always come up with a surprise by mixing up the strategies. This will minimize the chances of losing the scores.

Take The Best Launcher 

As you know, launchers are known as game-changers, so they must be of top-notch quality. Make sure the Beyblade you are using has the best launcher in a great state.

Study All Types Of Beys 

You do not know which type of Beyblade is going to hit you in the arena. It is the most important thing for a Beyblade player to know the quality of your Beyblade vert well. Not only yours, but you must also have the knowledge of all four types of Beyblades so that you do not get perplexed on the battlefield and can mold your strategies accordingly. It will also help you in differentiating a fake Beyblade from a real one.

Design Your Own Beyblade 

As the fragments of a Beyblade are detachable and so you can customize your Beyblade. Even if you do not have the best Beyblade in the world, you can make it yourself. Collect the fragments of Beyblades that are the best in quality, and so you are ready to design your own Beyblade.

Avoid Using Extra-Long Ripcords 

I will suggest you not use extra-long ripcords as they gradually wear out the launchers’ mechanism, and it can also snap off or even break inside the Beyblade.

Avoid Launching From High Angles 

Avoid launching your Beyblade from higher angles because it can damage your Beyblade’s base tip and can cause poor performance on the battlefield.


The secret techniques mentioned above are beneficial in enhancing your performance on the battlefield. So, if you want to bring out your best in Beystadium, do not forget to follow the above guidelines.