Security features on ID cards and driver’s license

Rohan Mathew

Id card is an essential part of maintaining law and order in a country. Each person in a state or country is given a unique id, which is only for them.

The ID helps the notary confirm that the person in front of them tells the truth about himself/herself.

However, Fake ID cards are on the rise. Anybody who has money can quickly obtain a fake id card.  To tackle this issue government is adding hidden and visible security features to the fake id card topfakeid. These security features aim to make the card hard to replicate and help notary detect fake ids.

Here are a few security features on an ID or driver’s license card

Laser Engraving of text

The text is engraved by laser; this prevents forging and any attempts that might be attempted to alter the card.

Micro text

The information on the card id is written using micro text printing or engraving machines. This text is generally hard to reproduce, and even if they do, they are bound to make mistakes in placement or writing. To the naked eye, this text will not be visible and seem alike. Still, of further investigation using a microscope, the notary can easily see words like an invalid, authentic, or genuine.


The holograms are patterns in the plastic film; they have a reflective aluminum coating that gives light to rebuild a holographic image. Their most significant advantage is that they are impossible to replicate because of their reflective property. Standard printers or copiers cannot make them. Hence, these properties holograms are one of the most robust security features in the Id card or driver’s license.

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UV images

The naked eye does not see these images on the card. To see them, the notary will need equipment that gives out UV light rays. The image on the card will be visible once the card is put under UV light. The Uv images are ghost images, the birthdate of cardholder, pattern, or state seal. These images can be on the front side or back side of the card.

Overlay of fluorescent

The fluorescent overlay not only makes the card durable but also blocks attempts of forging and tempering card details.

Magnetic stripe

An id can be altered easily on the front and backside of the card. However, replicating or editing the magnetic stripe will prove to be difficult for the fake id makers. The magnetic stripe on the back of the ID card contains all information about the ID cardholder. This form of authentication is often used in alcohol-serving or selling shops and other age-restricted service proving shops.


All the information on the id card is also present in the barcode of the card. It helps card checkers cross-check the information on the card. The barcode on the cards can be read by using handheld barcode devices or countertop machines. Clubs mostly use them in rush hours; it makes their job of checking cards much more manageable.

Even with all these security features, there is a chance that a minor can enter the club or purchase alcohol. That can be done using their sibling’s real ID card. As most siblings have similar features, it becomes difficult to differentiate or catch minors.