Should we buy Home and Kitchen Appliances Online?

Rohan Mathew

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With the advancement of technology, the standard of living has been greatly improved in the past few decades. Our home and kitchen appliances also become advanced and user friendly by day by day. Now, most of the appliances come with the smart feature, where you can control them remotely using your smartphones. These major appliances are very expensive and serve its purpose for at least 10-12 years. These appliances constitute a major part of our luxurious lifestyle.

Whenever you are planning to buy any appliances, many questions come in our mind like which model to buy, what features should we look for, which are good brands and more. Also, most of us are confused about buying appliances online or should we go to a company outlet to buy. Online shopping becomes popular these days, they are prioritizing customer convenience and quick, user-friendly purchases. Websites like Amazon, eBay contain detailed product descriptions, technical specifications, reviews. You can also compare products on different parameters, also there is the option to message the seller for any further details. They are also providing an easy return, free deliveries, online chat, and attractive discounts.

You no need to be afraid of buying appliances online from a reputable website, but you should take some factors while buying online.

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Read Product descriptions carefully and compare it with others – When investing in home and kitchen appliances, you should first read the technical and general specifications of it. Check for any hidden details, don’t judge by looking only at pictures. In the case of confusion, you should visit the brand official website for accurate details.

If the website has a product compare feature then utilize it by comparing it with other best-selling products. It will give you a better understanding of brands, features and price.


Read customer reviews and check for images provided by customers- You will indeed find plenty of information on the internet about any particular product. But the most honest and trustful information comes from those users who are already using those products. A product with better customer review and rating has a better chance of great customer satisfaction. Sometimes the actual product colour and design is different from what listed on the website. You can also check for customer provided images in comment sections. These product images are taken by customers with a normal camera.


Know What You Need – Sometimes you might buy appliances by looking at its attractive deals and sales. But it is always advisable to buy only those appliances which suit your needs. For example, if you like to store more frozen foods then you should buy either a double door refrigerator or a side by side refrigerator with a large freezer space. If you like fresh food then you should freeze with a fresher food compartment like a single door refrigerator. A big washer/dryer combo is great for certain homes, but if you are only washing a few laundries it will be a waste of money and space.


Make sure you are getting a warranty on the product – It is the most important aspect while buying any major appliances. Whenever you are buying any product, you are not only investing your hard-earned money but also you are placing your trust in their product and services. Warranty is like a promise that a manufacturer makes with its customer. If the product fails to deliver the services or becomes faulty during the warranty, then the manufacturer bears the total responsibility to it.


Always closely look for pros and cons of products – Every appliance has its advantages and disadvantages. Some websites mention the pros and cons of products while on some websites you will find inside customer reviews. You can find likes and dislikes in customer forums and some affiliate websites where people are giving their detailed reviews. Many websites have forums where you can ask people opinions about particular

brands and models. You can also ask questions in customer forums where an existing customer or the company representative will help you to clear your doubt.

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Look for additional shipping, handling and tax costs (if any) – Sometimes there are some hidden charges such as handling, insurance, installation, shipping and taxes. Make sure of enquiring about every cost associated with it. Many times, you will get free installation and shipping. Nowadays many websites give you a facility to recycle your old appliances as well as the exchange of old appliances, where you will get some discounts.


Check for any ongoing offers and deals – We all love discounts and want to buy appliances on a cheaper rate. Sometimes you will have specific discounts on specific bank cards or special occasions like black Friday, new year sale etc.



We all love to upgrade our home and kitchen with the latest appliances. In this article, we have discussed some factors we should consider before buying any appliances online.