5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

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In This Article, We Are Going To Mention5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

Severe storm weather poses a risk in virtually every location. For some areas, the threat comes primarily from hurricanes, while others must deal with winter storms or tornadoes. The average cost of residential repairs from these kinds of severe weather can exceed $14,000, assuming repairs remain an option.

While you can only do so much to prepare your home for a full-blown natural disaster, you can undertake storm preparation to minimize storm damage to your home.

Keep reading for a quick guide of 5 simple ways you can prep your home to withstand damage from a storm.

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List Of 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property List Given Below

  1. Get Rid of Dead or Diseased Trees

Healthy trees prove remarkably resilient when confronted with severe weather. Dead or diseased trees, however, present an ongoing threat to your home.

Sick or dead trees often come down under the stresses of high winds. Large tree limbs or entire trees can also snap under the weight of heavy snow or ice. Removing them limits the chances of a storm knocking either limbs or trees into your home.

Let’s learn more about how to avoid mitigate water damage.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning ends up on a lot of to-do lists and often never quite gets done. While unpleasant, clean gutters channel rainfall away from your home.

Clogged gutters keep water at your roof or around your home. This increases the odds of internal flooding or water damage. If you hate cleaning those gutters, consider hiring someone else to do it.

  1. Foundation Inspection

Foundations take a lot of abuse during heavy rainfalls. While a well-maintained foundation will keep most water out, any crack or gap in a foundation gives water an easy access point. This can cause serious water damage or even flooding depending on the severity of the weather.

You should take steps to seal any cracks or gaps you find. If water does find its way in, storm flooding restoration can often fix most of the flood damage.

  1. Roof Inspection and Repair

Your roof faces non-stop exposure to everything from UV light and rain to wind and snow. That makes it a prime candidate for small, often unnoticed problems.

Periodic roof inspections and repair help you avoid water damage and compromised wood. It also helps prevent damage from snow accumulation and melting. 5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

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  1. Lock Down Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can tolerate most normal weather. When storms with high winds blow through, though, those pieces of outdoor furniture can get thrown around. This can damage walls, windows, and even vehicles.

If you get notice of a high-winds storm, bring that outdoor furniture inside.

Planning Ahead Protects Your Home from Storm Damage

Planning ahead gives you the best chance of preventing storm damage.

Basic inspections and repairs to roofs and foundations help prevent unnecessary water or snow damage. Keeping your gutters clean serves much the same function.

Removing dead or sick trees stops storm weather from knocking them down. Storing your outdoor furniture inside during storms means they can’t damage your property in high winds.

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Property

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