Six Tips For Selecting Corporate Ecards

Rohan Mathew

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Six Tips for Selecting Corporate Ecards

Most companies have now switched to corporate ecards from traditional greeting cards. It is because ecards are not only environment friendly but also help establish goodwill with customers. However, you should know where you need to start when it comes to selecting corporate ecards. 

Here are some tips for selecting corporate ecards:

  • Keep Your Recipient in Mind

The ecard you select must be right for your client’s industry or niche. One size, image, or design does not fit all, and what is appropriate for one, might not be the same for another. Remember that you will need to convince your clients to go out of their way to get your business. It is even better if the ecard displays the logo of the company to promote it. 

Moreover, be friendly with the client, especially if you know or have met him ahead of time. You should better use the name of the client in the email or ecard to give it a personal touch. It is equally important to be professional and clear while providing the client with the information to avoid any conflict later. 

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  • Hire an Expert in the Industry You Are Targeting

Always look for an expert in your chosen field who can give you professional advice regarding your ecards. This is the only way to be sure of what will increase your business. If you are clueless on how to choose the right company and with whom to work, seek help from renowned websites where you can contact leading companies with their free sample ecard models. This way, you can also find multiple signature ecards to make them exclusively for your company. In the end, you should know how to get a unique product instead of relying on free templates. 

  • Be Creative  

Don’t be afraid to experiment or try new places, think outside box, and try something different from what your competitors are doing. You can test different messages as well. You can send a welcome message to your client and then help him connect with other team members who can provide him with all the important details. However, make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of your ecard in any way as it will reflect on your company.

  • Do Some Research

Search for websites that are renowned and authentic in the same industry you are targeting. For instance, is one of the best websites that offer unforgettable digital experiences and unlimited signatures to its client. It is the most convenient way of searching for different designs and get the ecard ready in 20 seconds. You can also use online tools to see what people are saying about a specific website and its services.

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  • Keep It Simple

You don’t want your ecard to look like an ad. Don’t forget that you are trying to create a good impression on the recipients. Do not fill it with too much information. However, you can add bright colors and graphics to make your ecard work. Be experimental with colors and designs but make sure that it doesn’t look over the top. Most ecard sites allow you to use your own graphics if you would like to make your ecard personalized. 

Moreover, don’t make recipients guess what you are trying to say. The text you add to the ecard should be simple and understandable.  Check for correct spelling and grammar. Also, avoid using complicated words. Since the ultimate aim of an ecard is to drive response rates, so you need to have a call to action at the end of the message. You can prompt with something as simple as ‘purchase now’, or something more creative such as ‘click here’. It can do wonders even if you go for a simple ecard. 

  • Customized Ecard

You can make your ecard customized by adding the picture of your selected person in the appropriate setting. If you don’t have a picture of the person in any event, you can upload a picture from your computer and use this as a base for creating an eCard.  By uploading a picture you can add your own touch to the eCard and add more details than an image file that you would download from the internet.

Similarly, you can get the ecard customized in a specific format and size. There are several formats available for eCards, such as GIF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. The industry standard is JPG and the recommended size is 500×500 pixels so that your images will be clear and visible. The size will depend on what you want to do with it however, sizes range from 500×500 up to 500×1000 or more if it contains an animation. You can get away with something smaller but keep in mind that images may get grainy.