Sizes of Bracelets for Women and for Men

Rohan Mathew

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When you go to buy bracelets online, it’s very important to know your size. Bracelets are not all created equally! It would be a shame to find the bracelet of your dreams, but not be able to wear it. People come in different shapes and sizes – it’s natural that jewelry will too. Some bracelets are big enough to slip over your wrist. Others can only be put on using a clasp. Different styles of bracelets which are now becoming popular. This naturally means that they will have different methods of getting them on and off. Read this article to see what size to get.

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What Type of Bracelet do you Want?

What type of bracelet do you want? This is a more important question than you might think. Loose bracelets get in my way – when I am looking at jewelry, I need to remember that. You will need to think this way too.

  • All in one bracelet tend to be big – they need to fit over your wrist. Are you prepared for that, or will it annoy you?
  • Clasped bracelets come in two varieties:
    • The clasp has several catches, to allow you to wear it as loosely or tightly as you wish
    • The bracelet itself is one size, but the jewelry can add or remove sections. These tend to fit quite tightly.

When are you Going to be Wearing the Bracelet?

A gold-plated bracelet at the bowling alley might seem unusual. You need to fit your jewelry to the occasion. How intrusive is your bracelet? A large bracelet that can fit over your wrist is not the best choice for anything physical. That’s better suited to a night out drinking. A tighter bracelet is a good bet for anything formal. That way it won’t draw too much attention to itself, but still, be fashionable.

Will you be wearing other jewelry at the same time? You need to consider whether the bracelet will fit in. If you are making a statement with a necklace, consider a smaller bracelet. And vice versa, of course!

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What Material is it Made of?

Different materials lend themselves to different bracelet sizes. Metal can make quite big bracelets, but as a rule, leather doesn’t. Some materials are better off fitting snugly around your wrists, while others are better for standing out.

It also depends on what you mean by size, in this case. A snug-fitting leather cuff can be several inches across! A gold bangle big enough to slip over your wrist can be less than half an inch wide. It depends on what you want.

When is a Bracelet just a Bracelet?

Keep in mind that bracelets can have additions. Buying a cross bracelet online is a good example of this. These bracelets come in both solid and clasped forms but remember those charm bracelets exist. It is perfectly possible to buy an addition to your normal chain bracelet. Using a charm, you can choose when it is appropriate to wear a big bangle, and when it is not. Add your charm to your bracelets when you feel the need for some extra decoration. Using charms means that you effectively have two bracelets in one. One for the times when a smaller bracelet is best; one for when you can afford a bigger size.