Some Video Editing Tips from Visugu

Rohan Mathew

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  1. Look to Take More Square Videos

One important thing is to ensure that people see your video in the best way possible. With more and more people using mobile phones and tablets, you want to ensure you are taking your videos in square format or even vertically. The landscape isn’t the only video orientation you should be using anymore. 

By taking square-orientated videos, you will see a lot of good feedback from social media. This is especially true when it’s being viewed on mobile devices. Try to leverage your phone’s native square camera feature. Whenever you shoot in square format, you’re going to be able to minimize the need to crop. If you have a normal-sized video that you are looking to crop or resize, you can always use a free and easy resizing app like Instasize. That way, you can instantly and optimally crop the video for better square formatting.

If you are someone that runs a brand or business and you’re looking to breakthrough with your video marketing efforts, but you’re unsure where to start, you’re not alone. If so, you should check out the professional tools offered by Rocketium. From there, you can sort through various stock video clips which will enable you to craft branded content for the different social media platforms you’re engaging on. This will allow you to easily record voiceovers and even add captions to give all of your videos a branded and professional look. 

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  1. Focus on Visuals

Editing on mobile devices may have been increasingly difficult and impractical in the past, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, mobile editing is so advanced. You can score a professional-looking film right from your phone. However, it’s much more likely that a lot of people are going to be watching your videos without sound. Because of this, you shouldn’t necessarily rely too much on sound. Try to enhance all of the visual aspects of your videos instead.

To do this, you can add a lot of filters to your videos to set a tone. You can also add text to your videos which will allow you to get more out of them. To give yourself a good feel for how the majority of people will be viewing and consuming your content, view your videos with the sound completely off. 

By spending more time and energy on the visuals of your video, you will boost the chances that it’s going to get viewed to the end. You should be looking to craft a video with every frame being interesting. This is especially true if you’re audience is going to be judging it instantly which most do. By applying some basic visual enhancing tips, you can make your video much more interesting, engaging, and you might even be able to make it go viral.

  1. Optimize The Length

The overall length of your video should be based on where you will be posting it. After all, if you are going to be posting to a platform where people expect longer videos, a longer video will do better than a short one. Hubspot has some good suggestions that you can use when it comes to choosing the right length for your videos based on the platform. 

– Instagram

On Instagram, you want to try to stick to shorter videos. The optimal length for an Instagram video is around 30 seconds. While you can certainly post one that’s 1 minute long, it’s better to stick to shorter videos around 30 seconds because people are used to scrolling quickly through it. Also, users on Instagram expect high video quality.

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– Twitter

For Twitter, you want to stick to around 45 seconds. Tweets are inherently brief with character limits. Therefore, you are going to want to use the same thing for your videos. Keep it short and simple.

– Facebook

With Facebook, content is king. You want to try to create short and engaging videos that are straight and to the point. Stick to around 1 minute for video posts to Facebook.

– YouTube

Anyone on YouTube is typically going to expect to have longer content. Therefore, you will want to create longer-style videos that you’ll be publishing on YouTube. You can upload long documentary-style videos, educational videos, or anything else. These videos can be upwards of 30 minutes and generate great results. However, on average, you want to have at least a 2-minute video to have it succeed on YouTube’s platform. Although you can edit your own videos it is worth using professional video editing services.

Keep Note: You can post 15 second long videos on your Instagram stories. However, you typically want to keep videos posted in stories as brief as possible. That way, you can keep them from tapping onto the next story that interests them. There have also been some changes that you should know about to Instagram and Instagram Stories. You can find more about these changes in our post titled, “Updates to Social Media.”