Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 to begin on August 30

Rohan Mathew

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 promo made everyone startle. None of them thought that Bigg Boss Telugu will go on air this year as the situation is worse due to COVID-19. If everything has gone well, Bigg Boss would have commenced in the month of June-July. But this year’s circumstances led the Bigg Boss management to procrastinate Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. Many gossips buzz on the internet that Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 will broadcast from August 30. However, Bigg Boss management has not officially declared and it was just a bruit.

The Star Maa Management has put a lid on all the conjectures and anxiety in the public by releasing the official promo of Bigg Boss logo. It is avid that Bigg Boss is going to set in motion and catch-up all the audience’s attention. However, The showrunners did not reveal the exact date, time, and Contestants of the biggest reality show. Thus although viewers are relaxing in seeing the promo but are exuberant to know about the Bigg Boss host, contestants, and release date and time.

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The biggest challenge is to run the Bigg Boss show in this dreadful situation of coronavirus. As the situation is grievous, Show makers are taking all the necessary precautions and making all the arrangements in a precise manner. So, The management has selected about 30-40 contestants for the Bigg Boss show to run successfully without any disruptions. Out of the contestants, Management is going to hand-pick 15 confirmed contestants and reveal on the launch date. Some of the rumors whirring in social media that there will be no physical tasks given by the Bigg Boss. The show might run by maintaining social distance even in the Bigg Boss House and it is going to be fun and more entertaining.

All the necessary tests of Covid-19 will be doing to all the contestants, production, and all of them before allowing them to work on the Bigg Boss show. Some of the tidings known that contestants are kept in quarantine for about a week or a couple of weeks before entering into the Bigg Boss house. All the Bigg Boss team who are working for the show are not allowed to step outside the set until the season is done. The team is allocated with accommodation and necessary facilities.

There were some gossips about the duration of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4. In season 1, When the Jr. NTR hosted the Bigg Boss 1, The show was for 70 days. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 & Bigg Boss Telugu 3 were more than 70 episodes. Now, as it is bad time with the COVID-19, makers are thinking to reduce the duration of the Bigg Boss Season 4 like did in the Bigg Boss 1 for 70 days. Once again, the reality is yet to know.

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Nagarjuna is all set to glimpse on the Bigg Boss sets soon. The shooting for promo has begun. Akkineni Nagarjuna has twitted a couple of images showing his back appearance on his official Twitter account. Hence, Most of them surmise that it is Yuva Samrat Nagarjuna who will be hosting the upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Conducting the show amid this coronavirus is the biggest challenge. The show needs to be managed well by taking all the necessary precautions, sanitizing, and maintaining social distance.