4 things that will improve remote work in your company

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

The year 2020 brought changes to the working environment. Many companies now have to make more and more efforts to maintain and then increase efficiency in the face of increased risk of infection. Because a sick employee will not be able to perform their duties effectively and may infect others with the same condition, employers are increasingly turning to remote work method. And forecasts indicate that the trend will continue and will only develop. In addition, surveys show that half of the employees sent to remote work have appreciated this form of work and want to keep it. So how to ensure a competent transition to combining office and remote work at the company?

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The first thing you can do is to competently control the working time of your employees, combining it with a metric based on the tasks performed. That is, you record the time that the employee spends on work but refer to this data when you see that the employee breaks the deadlines or does not perform the required number of tasks. And also, when you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of business processes, you need to know how much time specific employees spend on certain tasks with whom they interact. Combining time tracking and task tracking tools allows you to assess your employees’ efforts most fairly and have enough information to upgrade your business processes.

The second is to ensure information security. First of all, this is achieved through the allocation of an employee’s workplace – only work cases should be carried out behind the work laptop, for personal files the employee should have a personal computer. Employee monitoring software should provide control over file operations to avoid leaks of confidential information, as well as control employee communication – in messengers or via e-mail. Together, you will be able to identify disgruntled or unscrupulous employees and prevent possible IS incidents.

The third is to ensure interrelationship between employees, even in remote working conditions. Many employees note that they are treated differently than when they are at work. A team can only be successful and effective when it has a friendly atmosphere, employees are equal and can help each other do the work. If there are conflicts in the team, you should find out about them and stop them at the root. You should also see how often remote employees communicate with your other employees – if this does not happen, they become “disconnected” from the rest of the team, threatening loyalty and efficiency.

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And finally, the fourth is the use of the resulting savings to enhance the safety and comfort of employees at work. It is no secret that remote work allows you to get additional savings – by reducing rental space and consumables. But you should understand that for employees to work effectively from home, you need to provide them with jobs. Firstly, the equipment that you provide is 100% suitable for work, and secondly, as we have already written above – the separation of personal life and work in different workstations has a positive impact on information security of the company. When an employee does not need to dance with a tambourine to connect to the services of the company, he can direct his energy to the effective performance of his duties.

4 simple things that will allow you to improve the quality of remote work that any company can do. We, in turn, can offer Monitask, which will provide functionality for information security, employee control and time tracking, as well as system administration, allowing you to remotely solve technical issues of employees. You can always try it for free: the security of business processes is your choice.