Struggling to connect with your customer? Start with these five tips…

Rohan Mathew

Engaging and connecting with your customers is great for boosting brand awareness, increasing loyalty and building lasting relationships. With so many ways to interact with your audience, it should be an easy task. But for many businesses, having so many channels available has made connecting with customers more challenging than ever! From emails and social media to focus groups and trade shows, there are endless opportunities for engaging with your audience. If you are struggling to connect with your customers, start with these five tips.

  1. Learn who your customers are

The first place to start is to get a solid understand of who your customers are. Consumer behaviour data can give you crucial insights into your audience, including demographic data such as age, and gender, location. From here, you can develop detailed brand personas and use these to learn the best ways to connect with your customers. You will never be able to properly engage with your market if you don’t first know who they are and where you can reach them.

  1. Create valuable email content

Email marketing is one of the primary channels that marketers use to generate leads. Not only is email excellent for driving revenue, but it is essential for connecting with your audience. However, email marketing will only be as good as the content you are sending. Irrelevant content is the top reason that a customer will unsubscribe from your emails, and as soon as they click that unsubscribe button, you’ve lost your chances of connecting with them for good. Never send out email campaigns just for the sake of it. Only ever send out content that is valuable and relevant to your audience. Once you know who your customers are, you will be able to identify the sort of content that they will connect with.

  1. Ask for feedback

There are so many reasons why collecting customer reviews and feedback is good for business. It can improve SEO, drive sales and build customer confidence. Asking for feedback is also an effective way of connecting with your existing customers. Many consumers won’t proactively give feedback, so you need to go out of your way to ask for it post-purchase. This can open up a line of communication and help you to connect with your customers. Whether you use review sites, account managers or customer service representative, asking for feedback is essential.

  1. Respond quickly

You would be surprised at how many businesses want to connect with their customers but then fail to respond quickly when they get in touch. Consumers expect companies to respond promptly to emails and messages, and if you leave them waiting, you will lose your opportunity to connect. Make it a priority for your staff to reply to all customer queries as quickly as possible, especially through instant messaging channels. Studies have shown that the chances of qualifying a new lead drop by nearly 400% if you take more than 5 minutes to respond.

  1. Evaluate your language

The words you use in all of your communications are important. They can quickly put customers off or encourage them to keep reading and finding out more. If you want to truly connect with your customers, then carefully evaluate the language you are using. You should know by now exactly who your customers are and what they like, so use this to fine-tune your tone in all of your marketing communications.

Following these tips can help you to build meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers. When you effectively connect with your audience, you can build brand loyalty effortlessly. The most critical part of connecting with customers comes from understanding who they are. Consumer data is the most valuable tool your business has, so make sure you are using it to its full potential.