Surviving Sleep Regressions

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Surviving Sleep Regressions

The first stage is a disturbed sleep pattern which changes suddenly at the age of 4 months of a baby. This is annoying whether for a baby or an adult especially so frustrating for parents. 

But you must keep this thing in mind that this is a temporary process which happens with almost every human being from the very beginning, all you need to do is work with patience in order to get rid of this as early as you can. 

It’s the process that requires a lot of patience because it’s not easy to survive something like sleep regression! Here in this article we will discuss the important factors of a sleep regression.

When does this happen?

There is no specific time or age for this as it is a sudden process which can happen anytime. It can be due to the unpredictable illness or disturbed routine. 

Moreover, toddlers often went through this quite often around 18-24 months due to the nightmares or night terrors plus separation anxiety or toddler teething.

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Causes of sleep regression

There can be many causes for this state which makes the bay restless and anxious. Following are reasons which cause sleep regression such as,

  • When they are growing which makes them more hungry too
  • When developing a new milestone
  • Travelling which also disturbs the sleep pattern of a baby
  • Some illness such as cold or ear infection

But you don’t need to worry as this is a part of the growing up process which occurs in many babies. 

It’s a temporary process as we have mentioned this above also that you need to work with patience because a 4-month child can actually start feeling the surrounding and become more engaged towards it including you.

The Disturb sleep pattern can easily destroy your normal body routine, mood swings and often waking up in the middle of the night. This is annoying whether for a baby or an adult especially so frustrating for parents.

Signs of sleep regression

If you feel a change in the routine sleep schedule of your baby that changes all of the sudden that’s the first sign of sleep regression! 

As the first stage is a disturbed sleep pattern which changes suddenly in the age of 4 months of a baby. while other signs may include

  • Lack of Nap
  • Change in eating pattern
  • Night wakings
  • Fussiness

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Survival from sleep regression

  • By noticing the change in their sleep pattern or they becoming fussier all of a sudden
  • By maintaining a bedtime routine
  • By getting proper sleep, the more tired or restless they feel the more likely they getting into sleep regression
  • By checking upon them whether they woke up in the middle of the night 
  • By avoiding quick responses when they wake up in the middle of the night let them do some fuss for a few mins before you respond! As this will make them emerged for your attention
  • By trying sleep training to 4-6 month old.
  • By preventing them from separation anxiety.

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By establishing a bedtime routine

You can maintain this habit from the very beginning as this will not only help them for better sleep but it will also give them a healthy and active body. 

Because sleep is also one of the facts that help the muscles to work properly. This can include things such as changing clothes, feeding, bath time etc.

By keeping the room dark

While preparing your child for the nap session make sure that you keep the room as dark as possible because this will help them for better sleep. I

n case they woke up early, by the darkness in the room they will fall back asleep again! 

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Same goes for the morning wakeup time, make sure that you fill your room with the natural sunlight as this will help the brain of the baby to receive the wake-up signal!

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Having said that the guide for surviving sleep regression came to an end. We hope that we were able to bring the best alternatives for you. In case of any query you can contact us as we value your feedback and do share your opinions related to this.

We Have Successfully Discussed Surviving Sleep Regressions In This Article.