Technology Trends for Obtaining Engineering Jobs amid COVID-19 Crisis

Rohan Mathew

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There is hardly any place, sector or the domain that has been left unaffected by the severity of the novel Coronavirus or the COVID – 19, and the Indian engineering sector is no exception. The engineering industry has observed an exceptional growth over the last few years because of the increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production, etc. but what do you think about the post COVID world, will it be all the same when the world returns to a semblance of normalcy. 

The pandemic outbreak has created a significant impact on the engineering sector. It majorly has created challenges for the final year college students in top engineering colleges in Dehradun, and for that matter all around the world who will be seeking to start their career in 2020-21. This is the batch of students who have invested their life in engineering studies coming to a position where they seek to advance from a student to a professional, and this lack of demand in the industry will create a negative and enduring impact on them.  

The solution to swiftly and smoothly emerge as a winner in this paradoxical situation is to buck the general trend of the industry. In order to do that, an individual needs to know what technology trends are going to be in demand in the recent case and work towards acing your game in those. 

This read will help you learn three technology trends that will be in demand in the job market, along with the challenges in the future job scenario for freshly graduating engineering students as the job market is advancing to be extremely competitive.  

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Technology trends that will be in demand include – 

Technology-based vocations are advancing, and the fate of engineering graduates is also necessarily evolving. Engineers who don’t stay aware of the essential and advanced technology trends will lack behind in various aspects. Understanding the key patterns will authorize engineering students to plan and grasp the chances. 

The IT sector in India is the most prominent recruiter of engineering students. Anyway, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the IT industry just as the economy of the whole country and in actuality the world. Therefore, in the coming days, a significant number of IT organizations will either reduce the recruitment or maybe can even declare the recruitment freeze. Consequently, it becomes even more important to look for better technology trends for engineers from where the job openings can emerge and need to recognize the areas that will have a decline since the number of jobs is likely to fall drastically in the next two to three years.

In the coming days, the emphasis on automation will be incredibly high. In this situation, the vast majority of the IT organizations are acutely centering towards automation as it along with security, also guarantees cost adequacy. 

Since the focus of the entire job market will be on automation, there are the three major technology trends which will be in demand in the following years of the post COVID world. These technologies include – 

  • Data Science: Data Science is the domain which deals with imparting education to train the data wranglers who are expert in analyzing and accessing the large sets of data sets of the structured and unstructured data. This field is the future, and the students qualified in this field have a super bright scope. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)-  Artificial intelligence is defined as the science of making computers perform in ways that, until now, we thought required human intelligence. Machine learning is the branch of AI which deals with the study of the computer algorithms that enable computer programs to change, improve and evolve through experience automatically. An aspirant who has built a credible qualification in this domain will be far more employable than the rest. 
  • Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The platforms based on these technologies will get famous among the corporates. And hence various RPA and DPA companies will give preference to the engineering candidates who are skilful and qualified enough to operate the RPA and DPA, digital automation programs. In short, the aspirants who know about the process and can improve and manage the self-regulation or automation are going to be in demand.
  • Multilanguage High-End Programming: Somebody who has sound knowledge in various programming languages and can write high-end top quality codes will be given priority as compared to the mediocre with a basic understanding of the subjects. 

Now, the engineering graduates have to understand that gone are the days when the average graduates; thus, the students with the basic understanding of the programming were capable of joining the IT industry. Now, the industry requires highly skilled and determined engineers who not possess expertise in their domains.  

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The market will be significantly more severe, Just the individual with solid programming abilities, in any event, with the proficiency in the technologies mentioned above, will have a brighter and secure future. Nonetheless, there is trust among the business that the circumstance will improve and will see positive change occurring later on. But, still, students should keep doing their part and should ceaselessly learn and stimulate their insight and aptitudes, to guarantee they are decidedly ready to enter the industry: 

  • Technology selection is going to be much faster as people should be ready to take up the chances. When future digitalization occurs, students require to be keen on working on it. They should prepare themselves with the appropriate skills. 
  • Students should focus on developing strong employability or the soft skills following the Aptitude, Communication and Technical skills (ACT) framework. There will eternally be a need for creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

Several changes that happened during the COVID-19 situation are going to be rigid and permanent. Many traditional things are going to be obsolete, giving way to more accelerated technological improvement. The economy is diminishing down; however, slowly and steadily, things will get back to normal. It will take some time for it to occur. Till then, the engineering students should focus on building their skill set. The latest professional skills which will be in demand will ensure their employability and preserve their jobs in future situations like these.