The 5 Areas of Your Small Business That a Virtual Assistant Can Help With

Rohan Mathew

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When you’re a busy business owner with too many things on your plate, you’re likely considering hiring a virtual assistant. Here’s what a VA can do and what areas of your small business it can help you improve! 

Owning a business is a rewarding yet challenging full-time job. And, when we say full-time, we mean 24/7. Running your own business comes with a lot of responsibilities and a long to-do list that the average employee doesn’t have to worry about.  

That’s why smart business owners know that delegating is one of the first things to do in order to improve productivity. It’s not only difficult to get everything done by yourself, but the chances to do it right also decrease when you’re trying to squeeze everything into your already busy schedule. 

So, why not hire a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are individual professionals with complex skillsets that can help small business owners get more time to focus on more essential business tasks. A VA can spare you the burden of regularly required tasks to free up your time to work on more essential activities that grow your small business. 

This article looks at the five business areas where the help of a virtual assistant can prove very useful. 

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Marketing is one of the most vital areas of a business, no matter its size or industry. Without promotion, it’s nearly impossible for your target audience to know about your brand and products. Besides that, marketing is also responsible for attracting and keeping customers loyal. 

Yet, as a business owner, finding the time to write engaging promotional copy, maintain your website, or write daily social media posts can be daunting. Creating marketing strategies when you’re so busy is also out of the question. Son, what options do you have when you don’t have the time to handle your company’s marketing, nor the funds to hire a marketing agency? You can turn to a VA. 

Virtual assistants can handle all sorts of marketing and promotion tasks. They have writing and technical skills that are necessary to create promotional and marketing offline and online materials. 

  • Sales 

The sales area of your business is key to your company’s success, and the more you sell, the bigger the profits. But, how can you unlock your business’s true sales potential when you can barely manage the challenges that arise by the day in your business? You probably can’t. So, it may be a good idea to leave some of the tasks on your virtual assistant. 

A virtual assistant can also perform all sorts of tasks that will lead to increased revenue. More precisely, besides marketing, a VA can also assist you in managing old and new leads. A VA can also produce sales reports based on your business’s performance and closed deals. What’s more, your virtual assistant can also tackle all sorts of administrative functions, from data entry to updating your CRM and managing your schedule to set meetings with important clients to your business. Needless to say, help with all these tasks will lead to more closed deals and increased revenue. 

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  • Customers relationship management 

Managing customer relationships is extremely important for a successful business. After all, no business can earn a profit if it doesn’t have paying customers. 

Yet, these days, keeping customers loyal is a lot harder than it used to be more than a decade ago. Today, businesses from all industries are fighting to provide the best customer experiences and maintain great relationships with their audiences. Your business is likely no exception to the rule.

Yet, as a busy business owner, answering emails, scheduling meetings, and sending customers gifts to reward their loyalty is very likely not your no.1 priority. However, you should prioritize customer relationship management. And, if you don’t have the time for it, hire a VA to get some help.

A virtual assistant can manage the relationship between you or your business and your customers. The VA can answer emails or social media posts from customers. It can also take care of specific tasks that imply rewarding clients for their loyalty towards your business, like sending holiday gifts or discount cards. What’s more, a VA will also handle everything related to scheduling and rescheduling meetings with important clients for your company. 

The bottom line, a VA can help you keep your customers happy and loyal. 

  • Accounting 

Accounting is another critical area of any business that needs to be handled like a pro. Accounting mistakes can quickly invite financial chaos in your business to the point where you struggle financially. In contrast, when it is properly handled, accounting can help your business grow, find new investment funds, and stay at bay with paying taxes and avoiding legal issues. 

When a VA handles small accounting tasks for you, it can also be a way to help you identify new business development opportunities. For example, your VA can find ways to cut down on costs or new opportunities to invest in and the money for it. 

  • HR

All successful entrepreneurs know that their employees are one of the company’s most important resources. The people working for you are those who can make your business successful or make it fail. Yet, hiring the right people and keeping them happy and loyal is continuous work that needs to be handled. 

From the hiring process to rewarding employees and offering them support, there are many tasks involved in having a productive and efficient team. It can be challenging to manage all that as a busy entrepreneur. But, a VA can manage these tasks for you and more. 

A virtual assistant can make sure that your business hires skilled employees and that your workers are satisfied and loyal to doing their best in doing their job right. 

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