The Benefits of Hiring a Wholesale Printer

Rohan Mathew

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You’ve found yourself in a position in which you need to publish a larger quantity of items. You have probably begun to look into the world of wholesale printing. You are asking yourself Is the cost worth it?

Outsourcing large scale printing projects can save you more time and energy than you ever imagined. Turning over some of your planning workload can give you time for all the other publication details you need to sort out.

Here you can find exactly how to go about your careful planning stages to achieve your best product. 

Not only do printing professionals take a look at your project from many angles, but from a marketing perspective. They can help you to determine what kind of attributes your publication should have.

Publishers have the aesthetic eye you’re looking for.

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Why wouldn’t you want your publication to look its best after all your hard work?

Get Into Specifics

Look at what you’re attempting to make and for what reason precisely.

  • Does your publication have images?
  • How many pages?
  • Have you used a printing company in the past?
  • Do you have a production deadline?
  • Do you need to print in bulk?

The aspects of your project can determine not only your timeline but your cost. Color images cost more. Glossy pages cost more. 

If you have a particular need for your publication, you’re going to want to factor that in during your planning stages.

What do you want your cover to look like?

The cover is often considered an essential part of the publication. The cover image is the first thing your reader and audience will see. From here, they will decide for themselves if purchasing your title is something they would like to do.

Keep in mind the cover jacket can be the most expensive part of your book. Put some thought into what you’d like to have made. Look at other books with a production aesthetic you value—gather inspiration and ideas.

Many people seeking wholesale magazine printing request specific attributes. Perhaps, dot matrix printing? A particular font or letterpress?

Can the printing company you’ve selected to take on your run of books meet these requests? 

Do Your Research

So, you’ve decided how you’d like for your publication to look. Thinking about what you want, your publication’s appearance is your priority. Next, you’ll need to figure out which professional printer can meet your needs.

You’ll need to get familiar with publishing terms and phrases. 

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It is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. It is wise to think of printing as an investment. The cost of printing is going to be the biggest shock—be prepared.

Look into publishing lingo. There are quite a few terms you should be familiar with:

  • Byline? The name of the author appearing in the written piece
  • Self-publishing? Under this agreement, the author pays for the distribution, production, and promotion of his book and retains all profits from book sales
  • Boilerplate? A structured contract
  • Subsidiary rights? Any rights are other than book publishing rights in a book publishing contract, such as paperback rights, book club rights, video rights, and more

You may not feel as though many of these facets of publishing apply to you. If this is the case, remember inquiries about your publication’s production will happen. You need to be prepared for those questions and to make sure you can answer these questions accordingly.

Before a wholesale printer agrees to take on your project, you will probably have a meeting. During this meeting, you will most likely get a quote for the production cost—generally, a series of questions by your material’s prospective printer. 

You will want to make sure you know how to answer these questions to get what you want. What you are paying for should meet your goals. Being familiar with publishing terms and concepts can make sure this happens.

Consider Your Budget

The most significant determining factor hindering a book’s production is cost. Many times people make changes right before their book goes to press. Editors and publishers can be demanding.

Make sure you know what you have to spend. Decide where you are willing to spend most of your funding. A list of priorities or a sketch of your publication can help you know to avoid those last-minute changes.

Determining your budget can also assess your flexibility.

If you are producing a large run of books, you will most likely not spend your own money on production.

If you are printing for your job or a magazine you work for–keep track of everything. Calculate how much your cost will be and factor in how much you have to spend. Let this dollar amount being your guiding light in your decision-making process.

Part of being a good employee at a publication is staying well within your budget.

A Wholesale Printer: The Help You Need

A wholesale printer can help you with your printing needs. Whether printing for business or pleasure, rest easy knowing your work is in the hands of professionals. Using a wholesale printer can present you with many options.

Some options you might have never known you had otherwise. Don’t find yourself in stressful situations where your budget was not allocated properly. Speak to the quality of your work.

Grow the depth and reach of your publication by presenting a polished product. 

Start planning your large-scale printing project. Use industry standards and expectations to get noticed.