The Benefits Of Rehab After A Spine Injury

Rohan Mathew


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Undergoing Rehabilitation and Physical therapy after a spine injury or surgery is crucial. Unfortunately, a large number of people still don’t know why rehabilitation is so important. 

This is why most people who eventually registered with a rehab program stop it once they start to feel better. They keep forgetting that the main goal of rehab is not to make the injury tolerable. It is meant to return one to a pre-injury level of fitness. For some people, it makes them even stronger than they were before the injury or surgery. 

Are you suffering from or recovering from a spine injury? listed below are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy by registering with an excellent rehab facility like Lone Star Spine and Rehab

Mobility Improvement

The development of scar tissue in the area of the injury can drastically reduce mobility in such an area. The most effective way to prevent this is through rehabilitation and physical therapy.

So whether you are injured or you just underwent surgery, rehabilitation can help increase flexibility and recover quickly. 

Pain Reduction

Many patients that have gone for physical therapy and rehab programs in the past can also attest to the fact that it helps to reduce the level of pain they were once feeling in their spine. 

The activities carried out during physical therapy and rehab sessions help to strengthen the muscles around the spin and increase mobility which leads to pain reduction. 

Strength Improvement

Physical therapy and rehabilitation help to improve muscle strength which facilitates their healing. If you’re a person with a spine injury that hasn’t been taking physical therapy seriously, you need to find an excellent program to register with right away. Lack of physical therapy may have been the reason why your full recovery is being delayed. Without physical therapy, an injured spine may never regain full strength.


Injuries to the spine can affect one’s balance, coordination, and style of working. Fortunately, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are there to help people to relearn or adjust to the new changes. 

This is especially important for an athlete that wants to return to their fitness level before the injury. Physical therapy also helps old people who are already prone to fall injury improve their coordination. 

Posture Awareness 

During the process of getting a rehabilitation program, you will be exposed to information about muscle movement and how each movement can either lead to pain or relief.  

Aside from this, you will also learn about postures. Being part of a rehab or physical therapy program will also help you identify harmful postures and ways you are hurting your back without knowing.  

Prevention Of Joint Contraction

Contraction happens when there’s a loss of motion within a joint. This usually results in the shortening of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It can also occur when there’s a total lack of mobility at a joint. In addition to this, spasticity also can contribute to the growth of contractures. To prevent the contractures of joints that can happen after a spine injury, it’s important for the affected individual to start physical therapy or rehab on time.

Improvement Of The Respiratory System

Depending on the extent of damage done, spine injury also affects breathing which is why respiratory insufficiency is a major cause of mortality and morbidity for patients with spine Injury. However, a rehabilitation program can help improve the respiratory system after a spine injury, which is why it is highly recommended for patients that have it.

Other benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation include enhancement of bone density and improvement of the digestive system. 

If you’re still not sure whether you need rehabilitation after a spine injury, you can ask your doctor or any other health care provider you trust. A qualified medical practitioner will tell you it is the best thing for you. 

Importantly, before joining any rehab program, make sure they are experienced and can help you. You don’t want to get stuck with a program that is not helping you.