The Benefits Of Video Resizing 

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Video resizing is pretty popular, and the technique is used for plenty of reasons. The option of resizing a video comes in handy when you want to watch a movie on a big screen or share a particular video file on social media platforms. You can also resize a video if you wish to save a video on your cell phone. The videos that you on your phone or movie files are said to be massive. Due to its large size, it becomes difficult to download the video on your phone. For such reasons, the resize video recommend option is the ultimate way to save up plenty of space on your device, and you can also see your favorite videos without any issues. 

Pros of video resizing

Although video resizing can help in reducing the size of large videos into a smaller size, there are several other benefits that you get through the video resizing option. Check below!

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Occupies less disk space: 

The basic benefit of video resizing is that it occupies less disk space when compared with uncompressed video files. When you resize or compress the data files, it will provide you with more space so that you can store more files or videos that you like. Through the video resizing technique, about 50% of the actual space lessens because of the zip technology.

Transfer and bandwidth speed:

When it comes to downloading a file or a video, it needs the help of network bandwidth to get the job done. Bandwidth is the speed through which the network transfers data, and is measured in the form of megabyte per second or Mbps. Resized videos contain lesser bits when compared with the uncompressed ones and will also utilize fewer Mbps when you try to download the file. 

The cost:

The most important benefit of video resizing is the cost. It’s because you can easily store more media files on your device once you resize them. By doing so, you do not have to purchase extra storage space for your device like a laptop or computer, and you can save plenty of money through it. 

Why is Uniconverter the best video resizing software?

You will come across numerous websites and software that are available for video resizing. But it’s not easy to know which software or site is the right one for you as the majority of them are not safe or cannot be trusted. So, for such reasons, choosing Uniconverter will be the right thing to do. There are many reasons to choose this particular video resizing tool. Check below!

  • It’s pretty easy to use: The most crucial aspect of why you should use Uniconverter because you can operate the software without any hassle. The software does not have any rules, and it has a user-friendly design. With the help of Uniconverter, you can resize the video with just a few clicks, and it will take several minutes for the resizing to complete. 

  • Free of cost: Uniconverter is free software, and you do not have to pay money for it. When you can resize all your favorite videos with software that you can get for free, then there is no need to choose or opt for any other video resizing software. You can download Uniconverter from its website and install it on your device. Then you can start the video resizing process. 

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What are some of the features of Uniconverter?

Although Uniconverter is one of the best software available for video resizing, you will be surprised to know that this software comes with some of the most advanced and unique features.

  • The software has features like video resolution, converting video formats, video size customization, which you can use during video resizing.

  • It can support over 1000 formats without affecting the video’s quality.

  • You can edit the video by adding watermarks, trimming, cropping, and rotating.

  • The software also provides a 20-seconds real-time preview, where you can check your resized video quality before resizing it.

  • Uniconverter also has some high-quality functions like fixing media metadata, screen recorder, GIF maker, VR converter, and many more functions. 

  • The software will run on all the versions of both Windows and Mac. 

Things to keep in mind when resizing 

When you have decided to resize the video, make sure you select the file size according to your needs. It’s because the video will be resized to the corresponding size that you choose. Look below!

  • You will also find download preferences. This means if you want to download the file within a different version of the format, then you can do so by selecting the format you want. 

  • Uniconverter is a type of video resizing tool that you can use without downloading and installing. You can opt for the online version of the software, which is safe and secured. 

  • During the resizing process, if you want to keep the subtitles in the same language, then there is no need to make any changes to it. Otherwise, if you wish to change the subtitles, then you can do so. 

  • You will also come across a check-box present within the Uniconverter. When you click on the check-box, then you agree to keep all the changes for your files that you want to resize. You must check the box according to your requirements before moving towards video resizing.

  • Uniconverter is provided through a trusted source, but you must take a look at the website and check whether or not it is licensed. By doing so, it will give you surety and peace of mind so that you can use the software for video resizing without any doubt or hassle. 

  • If you do not know how to resize a video, you can take the help of the steps mentioned on the website of Uniconverter. The steps are pretty simple, and you have no trouble understanding them.

Uniconverter: The best software for video resizing

On certain occasions, you will encounter unwanted issues where you can upload a video due to its size. For such reasons, taking the help of a video resizing tool like Uniconverter will be the right thing to do. Resizing the videos will enable you to upload your favorite videos on various social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.