The Best Electronic Assistants for Lawyers

Rohan Mathew

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Most people are aware of the fact that being an attorney is a very demanding job, yet, many more are quite oblivious of how tasking it is. Not space engineers, not neurosurgeons, not academic professionals, but lawyers-have more mental health and alcohol disorder among all professionals, according to the HazeldenBettyFord’s 2017 study.

This research summarized that legal professionals identified as a high-risk group for substance abuse. The reason for such revelation is not far-fetched. Contrary to popular opinion, attorneys have to worry about general business development, bookkeeping, financial accretion, marketing, sourcing for clients, among other things. What’s worse is that these are entirely non-billable administrative tasks, yet 70% of law firms claim they spend over 40% of their time on them. Is there really ample time for a vacation with family and loved ones?

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The effect begins to take a toll on the attorney’s mental health as well as the firm’s overall structure. No doubt, attorneys need to get ahead of these functions.

Interestingly, attorneys already know that. The internet search volume concerning electronic assistants for lawyers is overwhelming. However, the real task lies in the choice and rationale for selecting the best digital tools they can trust in order to delegate their administrative tasks. Naturally, discovering the best electronic assistant could take hours, months or even years of testing, trial and error; given the sumptuous numbers available today. 

That is why we have scoured the internet and discovered the finest electronic assistant tools. Whether you need to carry out legal research, schedule meetings virtually, organize case files, compute bills and draw statistical data? These tools will execute each of those tasks flawlessly.

So, here goes the best electronic assistant for legal practitioners. We will begin with AI-powered research assistants and contract review software.

  1.   Kira Systems

Kira Systems is an electronic legal assistant software company based in Canada. It uses artificial intelligence in providing research solutions for small and large legal firms. When you need to tackle tight turnovers or simply optimize repetitive tasks like contract review, it can be deployed.  It imports data directly from your local database and processes it for analysis. It is capable of reviewing your queries against over 1,000 clauses and completes tasks 40% faster, generating unique knowledge-based insights.

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  1.   Premonition Software

This AI software takes digital legal assistance to the next level. Its intelligence is rightly so advanced that it can use analytics algorithms to calculate the win rate of certain case conditions and thus predict the success rate. More so, the software can also estimate the amount of time an attorney will spend on an actual case.  With a success rate of 30.7, Premonition’s report can help law firms generate research-backed insights on opposing counsel. 

  1.   J.P Morgan (COIN)

Short for Coin Intelligence, this software according to Bloomberg “does in seconds what took lawyers 360,000 hours”. Now, that’s massive. The software extracts 150 attributes from 12,000 commercial credit agreements and contracts in a matter of minutes. Perfect for all kinds of research!

  1.   iManage RAVN Insight

This enterprise virtual assistant machine is a knowledge management software; best for law firms who wish to save hundreds of hours on research works. It enables a universal search to identify information buried in disparate systems inside and outside the organization.

  1.   Luminance

An award-winning AI-technology for legal analysis. The program analyses legal data across all jurisdictions, reviews their accuracy, and suggests improvements. With this machine-learning assistant, lawyers can save hours spent on document review.

 The next category of electronic assistants is best suited for document management and workflow automation.

  1.   Documate:

Documate offers document management solutions to attorneys who love to streamline their document and filing storage. It is large web-based software suitable for lawyers with no coding experience. Using a conditional logic feature, lawyers can simply arrange texts and templates according to certain attributes or conditions they have set. Moreso, it allows for the integration of other word processing software like the Google sheet, Clio and Microsoft Word.

  1.   App4Legal

App4Legal is a unique contract management tool customized with a very intuitive flowchart interface where you can manage all on-going tasks. One unique benefit is that lawyers can oversee all ongoing processes on mobile, or desktop, which means you can still get your administrative tasks done on-the-go. Some other unique features in-built are the completion/Compliance tracking, contract lifecycle management, and Full Text Search.

Aside from researching and document management, client relationship management is another time-consuming aspect of managing a law firm. These electronic tools are specially designed to make the process more enjoyable and seamless.

  1.   Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is among the biggest names in the digital media industry and their Customer Relationship Management software is cutting-edge technology. First off, it is free so you do not need to worry about the budget. This tool is capable of tracking interaction across various channels including emails, phone and social media. Perhaps the emailing tool is the best feature. It fits for both professional and marketing purposes, especially when you need to create campaigns. Similarly, you can create emails and schedule it to be sent at a later time.

  1.   Oneplace:

This software brings all client-related information into one place where you can manage each of them individually without losing track of your progress on any. You can customize the software to record the minutes of a meeting with a client. Similarly, it allows for integration with a third-party document management tool like the MS-outlook.

  1. Bill4Time:

With this program, Lawyers can now make each minute of their job billable. It is built with intuitive integrations like Calendar Management, time tracking and Client Portal, where attorneys can set up events with a client and also bill them accordingly.


This article has explored the best electronic assistant software lawyers can use today. These tools were organized according to their unique abilities; the AI-powered research tools are best for preparing legal documents, as well as document review. Other tools are known for their time-saving essence, billing and customer relationship features. When choosing your next electronic assistant, be sure to select any from this list that meets your needs.